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Success mantra for a bright career in Agriculture

In a broad spectrum, if we say that the agriculture sector has been tremendously growing at global and national levels, the statement cannot be considered as hyped. The aspirants heading towards this domain to make a bright and successful career must be well-groomed academically and pay sincere attention to know-how and do-how concepts in agriculture. The skills and potential of agriculture graduates could be better, considering India’s current state of agriculture. This blog talks about some brilliant tips for making an impeccable career in Agriculture.

Opting for the right course

Mostly, the competent professionals in the agriculture field have different academic backgrounds, as earlier, there were only a few undergraduate or postgraduate courses with agricultural specializations. Many private and government universities have introduced agriculture courses in multiple specializations in the past few years. Some of the standard courses are mentioned below –

  1. B. Sc. (Hons) Agriculture
  2. Doctoral programs

GLA University offers job-oriented agriculture courses, all approved by UGC. It follows the academic standard, and the courses are well recognized.

Gaining in-depth insights into the agriculture domain to enhance your interest level

Agriculture aspirants must have that spark to change the world with their knowledge, skills, and innovative technologies. This can only be gained if they have a good learning hand. There needs to be more than the course knowledge to build an excellent agricultural career; rather, students need to develop out-of-the-box thinking to be in the game. The fact cannot be detained that agriculture is a less spotted course, and students need help to count upon this domain for career opportunities.

Those interested but need clarification about making a good carer in agriculture must try to learn more about agriculture. Core knowledge and deeper insight into the subject might change your viewpoint about this industry. Say, for instance, if you know that the agriculture industry in India generates a good employment share and, as per the latest data of 2023, it is about 41.49%, you would surely take an interest in this sector. The awareness and knowledge about a particular industry drive your interest.  

Knowing about the state of the agriculture sector in India

The agriculture industry is one of the most significant industries in India. If food manufacturing and supply get impacted, the whole world has to suffer as the growth and productivity of each nation are linked to others. This sector employs about 1 billion of the world’s population, which is a big number. The agriculture industry has witnessed a quality transformation in India and abroad in the last few decades. Thanks to technological advances that have enhanced crop yield, improved efficiency of farmers and other employees, and decreased costs.

The future scope of agriculture largely depends upon technological innovations. The old and traditional agricultural practices and strategies related to the input-intensive green revolution must be upgraded as more is needed to put the agriculture industry ahead. Technological advancements in genetics, hydroponics, biotechnology, and autonomous farming can lead to the future growth of agriculture. So, be ready to adjust to the changing environment if you wish to pursue Agriculture courses.

Looking for multiple career prospects in Agriculture

There are many career opportunities in various sectors of agriculture. As an industry, agriculture is on the verge of being a composition of many other sectors and industries like information technology, AI, robotics, data science, oceanology, bionics, engineering, and business management. So, chill if you get clicked about pursuing a career in agriculture after your B Com or BBA.

Agriculture-related career options exist globally, with ample job opportunities in India and abroad. There is a huge demand for competent professionals across the world. All you need is an agriculture degree from a reputable university or college.

Those who believe in seeking options instead of quitting would surely make up for a successful career. Some highly reputable and well-paid career options in the agriculture field are as under –

  1. Agricultural consultant
  2. Farm manager
  3. Estates manager
  4. Fish farm manager
  5. Plant breeder or geneticist
  6. Rural practice surveyor
  7. Amenity horticulturist
  8. Soil scientist
  9. Commercial horticulturist
  10. Field trials officer
  11. Horticultural consultant
  12. Forest or woodland manager

Being a part of GLA University, Agriculture Graduates need to take little pain for employment opportunities as the university has a separate placement cell that makes strategies to connect with some top-notch employers in the agriculture field and provide the best placements to its students. Not least, GLA promotes practical exposure of agriculture graduates to the ground realities of this domain so that they can prepare themselves for the real thrill in advance.


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