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Life lessons with higher education

‘My future is brighter than before. I know life is hard, but higher education makes things possible. Indeed, an intellectual quote once stated by a South African marketing graduate. Life is unpredictable and shouldn’t be wasted on things that hardly matter to you. Unlike worldly possessions, investing some time in learning and skill enhancement that would follow you throughout life is better. Pursuing graduation, post-graduation, or doctoral programs in law, pharmacy, agriculture, mass communication, engineering, or management from a college, institute, or university is considered higher education. It imparts some life lessons mentioned in this blog.

Higher education is a matter of pride

Different genres of people cannot look at education from the same standpoint. Some look down upon it, stating that higher education has no significant use in daily life. In contrast, others believe that degrees and knowledge can bring ample job opportunities and career growth.

Higher education may or may not impart your material success, but with it, material success would seem real and valuable. Attaining a doctorate is not a matter of joke as it takes your mind out to prepare a thesis and pursue research. Next time if one mocks you, quoting that your higher education can never give you a luxurious life, give it back immediately. Your degree and education are incomparable and priceless possessions you would admire for life.

Note that others would only respect your education if you feel its significance. Some people with Post Graduation in multiple streams still think they need to catch up. Every successful career path cannot be yours, even if you become as great as Newton or Einstein. Being appeased in what you have is a mantra that works with people having higher education as they eventually gain a sense of maturity that comes with advanced learning.

Higher education imparts knowledge that one will cherish forever

Higher education in India is supporting students to be academic monsters who have the potential to get employed on the grounds of their skills and degree. University-level education teaches students to think out of the box and be creative. With this, students can join hands to serve society and render their support for community development worldwide. Higher education is not accessible to all, as there are some eligibility criteria that aspirants need to meet.

One of the most significant things one gain from higher education is the power to apply knowledge and skills practically. As you grow and learn deeper about the subject or domain, you start gaining expertise, and this is where you get a kick to apply the same in your daily life. Say, for example, you are pursuing BSc in Agriculture with zero interest in the field. Still, sooner or later, when you get to realize the importance of this subject, you will be unstoppable in using the techniques and methodologies in your farmhouse or maybe in your home garden.

Learning out of higher education can be applied in our daily lives

At present, we all are part of a diverse but complex society. The world is behind in achieving excellence, be it the development of science or the establishment of business institutions, industrial growth or trade policies, economic stability, or foreign policies. These are some of the parameters that have made life complex worldwide.  

Every second hour, new adjustments have to be made, changes have to be adapted, and new problems must be tackled through new solutions. These require high-grade knowledge in multiple domains like science, economics, law, international relations, history, and politics. With science and technology, Vikram Sarabhai would have launched a rocket, and Homi Bhabha would have made a nuclear reactor.

The present accountabilities of people are far more than what ancestors had on their shoulders, and countless responsibilities need thorough knowledge, preparation, and intellectuality. This is where higher education comes into the picture.

A nation’s success depends on higher education

If we see the broader spectrum, higher education aims to benefit the whole country. The citizens of a nation can earn their bread and butter through any occupation, but when it comes to self-respecting positions, they cannot overlook higher education. It is, therefore, imperative to focus on higher education for the country’s overall development.

The establishment of Private and Government universities must be a part of large-scale projects. Well, strategic planning is needed here. Higher educational institutes must be dedicated to imparting advanced knowledge to the students to contribute to the nation’s overall growth.

GLA University has shown utter dedication to rendering quality education to the students. The university has a broader view of speculating the nation’s growth and is on the right path to make students meet their accountabilities towards the country.

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