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What to look for while choosing a university?

“A university is just a group of buildings gathered around a library.” A brilliant thought quoted by an American writer Shelby Foote. Indeed, a university is nothing but a structure covered by four walls, and miracles happen at every corner, be it a classroom, laboratory, library, auditorium, or play area. Now, you can imagine how important infrastructure is for a sound educational framework within the campus.

Good infrastructure and amenities create room for better learning.

The foundation of good learning and education can only be laid on sound infrastructure. This is the major reason why students couldn’t have to sacrifice their studies during Covid 19. It’s because of the advanced setup and top-notch infrastructure of the institution that students’ learning remained unaffected at the time of the pandemic. Also, many high-grade universities have made brilliant infrastructural setups like virtual classrooms, high-speed internet, advanced labs, and everything required for good digital infrastructure.

The fact cannot be denied that Higher Educational Institutions‘ classrooms and interior setup have an impeccable impact on a student’s growth and learning. There are multiple instances where it has been proven that high-grade infrastructure and excellent amenities decrease dropout rates and enhance positive results.

As per the latest study from the UK, it has been discovered that infrastructural elements of an educational institute lay impact students’ learning through three factors, namely, naturalness (related to air quality and light), individualization (related to space of learning) and stimulation (related to color or complexity).

The improper layout of the buildings in Higher Education Institutions where there is no ventilation and natural light inside the classrooms, badly maintained furniture, poorly managed cafeterias and pantries, messed-up labs and libraries, and unhygienic washrooms can never develop a vibrant and lively learning environment within the campus.

Regarding the academic growth and development of the students, the faculty fully utilizes the university’s resources, including air-conditioned classrooms with digital boards, smart projectors, labs, and a library.

Advanced classrooms, laboratories, and libraries are the backbone of the higher education institution.

Having realized the significance of infrastructure and facilities in educational institutions, it’s time to take the insights into its most crucial elements: classrooms, libraries, and labs.

Classrooms are the backbone of any educational institute. The colleges and universities that apprehend this fact maintain the overall condition of their classrooms by including state-of-the-art projectors, advanced AV systems, Wi-Fi hotspots, etc. Such arrangements motivate the students to adopt learning at a faster pace.

The seating layout and furniture must be noticed while planning a well-designed classroom. The relaxed and comfortable seating encourages the students to feel attentive in the classroom and concentrate on their studies.

Well-maintained labs inspire the students to perform experiments with great enthusiasm. They get self-motivated to turn their theoretical learning into practical outcomes. Uncluttered, well-packed, excellently designed, and spacious laboratories bring positive vibes inside the learning space.

The library of any college or university epitomizes the overall condition of the institute. Nothing can stop the students from focusing on their learning if it has space, a good ambiance, a calm and positive environment, and the best books. Libraries are supposed to be equipped with the latest technologies like digital books, e-library, and digital access to various types of books. There must be designated areas that permit the students for group discussions.

Planning infrastructure for any educational institution is crucial as students’ learning, academic growth, and positive thoughts are related to this factor.

Necessary for the student’s overall development: After 12th grade, every student gets a kick of choosing the right college. The loss may impact the entire career if one fails to place the Easter eggs cleverly. A wise man always thoroughly researches before picking up a college or university for higher education. When career-oriented words uttered by your parents or friends start affecting your brain muscles, it’s the right time to start analyzing colleges based on multiple parameters, as elaborately mentioned in this blog.

Considerate points to land on an extraordinarily good college 

Students get a reality check of their knowledge, skills, and overall personality once they leave school and join a college. Here are some major points that may affect your search process for a good college for higher education –

Accreditation and status come first

Just like a report card assesses the performance of a student, there is NAAC (established by UGC) to provide accreditation to colleges and universities based on seven unique criteria like curriculum, teaching quality, infrastructure and learning, research and development, student support, innovative practices, and management and leadership. Such assessment makes students single-minded about joining a college.

Recently, GLA University received an A+ rating from NAAC with a superb score of 3.46. It has also been rated as the country’s #1 university amongst all state and private universities in A+ grades. This is indeed a wonderful achievement and good evidence for students dubious about joining GLA University.

Standardized framework works

The education system that a college or university follows must be standardized and as per the norms of higher educational authorities. Students aspiring to join a good college must consider this crucial point. To ensure this, you may visit the official websites of the colleges or universities and check the same. Also, follow many feedback portals that provide genuine college or university reviews. Quora is one of the most popular and in-demand platforms where you may find many real college reviews straight from the mouth of its students.

Infrastructure and amenities lay a huge impact.

The next enticing thing you may expect about a college is its infrastructure and advanced setup. Many universities emphasize this factor and thus will be able to bag ample admissions. Undoubtedly, students are allured with advanced classrooms, spacious labs and libraries, big playgrounds, brilliant amenities, and great infrastructure. Ideally, an educational institute must be sturdy, as higher education demands an advanced setup and up-to-date technology.

Faculty must be noticed.

The faculty of any college or university acts as its biggest support; thus, this parameter needs the students’ undivided attention at the time of their research. Higher educational institutes apprehend the role of a good teacher in the life of students. Apart from focusing on curriculum and course structure, a good college’s faculty always balances practical and theoretical aspects of learning. It is highly concerned about the future growth of the students. The management of a good university conducts training and development programs for teachers to keep them up-to-date with the latest educational norms and standard curriculum. Also, they learn about various innovative and advanced ways of teaching that would impact the student’s overall development.

Students’ exposure matters

Practical and job-oriented learning is important for students at the graduation level itself. To promote this, universities prefer conducting workshops, seminars, and company or industrial visits that can embrace self-confidence and business-oriented approaches among students. Some universities work on the concept of ‘industry inside the campus,’ like GLA, where students get practical exposure in the laboratories and designated spaces within the campus.

The fact must be addressed that the management of any university or college leaves no stone unturned to highlight the best traits of its students. Now, it’s up to you to identify such colleges and be in the game.

Placements – Not least of all

Without a shadow of a doubt, students join a college with a good placement record. A university must employ its students after putting up promising ads and hoardings to retain a reputable status in the long run. Before joining, it’s better to be doubly sure about any college and its placement record. You can read the testimonials on the universities’ websites where the students put genuine information regarding placement at the college.

GLA University stands out on all the parameters, and students pursuing courses here concur. As proof, you can check Quora, where the students, alumni, and educators have left positive remarks about the university, which is a no-hype. The management ensures excellent quality education with great career counseling sessions at GLA.

Universities are shifting their interest toward developing state-of-the-art infrastructure inspired by the latest trends followed by colleges abroad. Apart from academics, students need to be smart in extra-curricular activities and to incorporate the same, institutions need better infrastructure.

Right from recreational centers like a separate zone for indoor activities, gyms, and studios for various performances to cafeterias, medical units, departmental stores, and shopping complexes, universities need to set up everything to make students independent and smart.

The playground and activity zone is another important component of education infrastructure. Sports activities are good for a student’s physical and mental growth and bring positivity to the campus.

GLA University understands the significance of good infrastructure and facilities for students’ growth and learning. The campus is spread over 110-acre land with a 20-acre sports facility and 19 hostels. More than 15,000 students pursue multiple courses at GLA. Well-maintained buildings, modish labs and laboratories, and excellent recreational facilities make the university one of the region’s best, giving it an edge over its other counterparts.

This is all one needs to know about the role of infrastructure and amenities in higher education.


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