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Things to note down while opting for the best B. Tech Specialization

Are you baffled about nurturing your career in the engineering stream? No need to get pissed off as every student goes through the same confusion after passing grade 12. The heat of picking up the right career path is a challenging job, but a practical approach may lead you to the best platform. The engineering field needs innovative minds with pragmatic thought processes; if you carry this trait, pull up your socks for a four-year undergraduate course in B. Tech and pick the best specialization.

Types of B. Tech Specializations

Engineering graduates are expected to have a vast knowledge of their area of concern. For this, students need to develop a clear understanding of top B. Tech specializations right from scratch. The list is given below –

Top B. Tech courses with multiple areas of specializations

  1. B.Tech Computer Science Engineering with Specialization in Gaming Technology
  2. B.Tech Computer Science Engineering with specialization in Cloud Computing
  3. B.Tech Electronics & Communication Engineering with specialization in the Internet of Things
  4. B.Tech Computer Science Engineering with specialization in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  5. B.Tech Mechanical Engineering with specialization in Smart Manufacturing and Automation
  6. B.Tech Computer Science and Engineering with specialization in Cloud, DevOps & Automation
  7. Mechanical Engineering with specialization in Mechatronics
  8. B.Tech Computer Science and Engineering with specialization in Artificial Engineering & Machine Learning
  9. B.Tech Computer Science and Engineering with specialization in Cyber Security

Choosing the best B. Tech Specialization – Things to remember

Picking the right field in engineering is not everyone’s cup of tea, as students’ future growth depends on this decision. Let’s get it straight and simple through below given points –

Read your mind

The subject that allures you the most would explicitly be the one in which you attain good marks in 12th standard. If you get more than 75% marks in Mathematics and Physics and are inclined towards these streams, the courses like Computer Science Engineering or Electronics and Electrical Engineering would be the best areas. Apart from this, students need to be clear in their subjects of interest and accordingly show their passion in that stream. If your mind is more into devising ways to fix machine-related issues, mechanical engineering is your comfort zone.

Focus on the best career options

No matter which stream you choose, the final interest would surely be on the best salary and great career growth. Keeping this into account, it could be easier for the students to pick the specialization. For example, the career growth and salary packages of engineers in Information Technology are far better than those in Computer Science. Not only this, there are some areas of specializations like Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Robotics, VLSI, and Machine Learning in Computer Science Engineering that are in high demand these days but are rarely being picked by students. All in all, engineering graduates must have some impressive skills to catch the sight of employers in multiple sectors.

Go hand in hand with current market trends

Most of the students experience a nerve-wracking feeling after 12th, and they begin their hunt for choosing the best B. Tech specialization can enhance their value in the current job market. They analyze all probable situations to land on the most adequate field of engineering. They have the option to go through the surveys published by industry experts. In the end, they need to use their own acumen and decide on the basis of current market trends and employers’ interests. Always remember that you have to consider market parameters to be its player.

Consider the renowned B. Tech college or university

Last but not least, choosing the best university or college for a B. tech course is a hard nut to crack. Students need to play the comparison game to land on the best choices. Engineering is a stream that is being offered by the ample number of universities and colleges in UP and other states. However, there are only a few that can be considered reliable and well esteemed. Do thorough research on this until you find the institute with sound infrastructure, excellent faculty, good placement record, advanced resources, the best technology and equipment and so on.

Aspirants who are actually looking for the best career scope in the field of engineering can consider GLA University, which offers various engineering courses packed with industry-standard curriculum and job-oriented learning. Institute of Engineering Technology, IET, GLA has abundant resources and amenities for the students. The faculty is well-skilled and experienced and has stupendous knowledge of the subject.

GLA University has recently joined hands with IBM to provide computer science engineering courses with specializations in Data Analytics, Cloud Computing, Cyber Security and the Internet of things, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. These are some worth notable points that can help an individual to choose the most appropriate B. Tech specialization.


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