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Major challenges faced by civil engineers in getting the best jobs

Major challenges faced by civil engineers in getting the best jobs

At present, civil engineering is a highly esteemed area of specialization for engineers. Believe it or not, about 1.5 million engineering graduates apply for jobs in India every year. However, it has been estimated that there will be a demand for approximately 4 million civil engineers over the next 10 years in India. This shows that the country needs civil engineers, provided they are skilled enough to handle construction projects sincerely. This blog is all about the problems that civil engineers face today in getting good job offers.

What are the demands of employers from civil engineers in India?

If we take an estimate of industry data, the construction industry in India is expected to grow to USD 1 trillion by 2030, which makes it contribute to 13 per cent of India’s GDP by 2025. Here comes the role of the construction companies and public sector units that raise the demand for competent civil engineers. Pursuing B. Tech in civil engineering is not as hard as the real difficulties come when the graduates start their job hunt in the construction industry.

A few years back, employers had some basic demands when they hired civil engineers. These may include efficiency in doing work on time and being able to solve client-related queries at their end. With advancements in technology and the inclusion of machinery in every single project, the employers need well-balanced, competent and extra-smart civil engineers with a knowledge of the technical field as well. This is indeed the time when civil engineering graduates have to raise their bar in terms of excellence and client handling.

The present time tells the tale of the real estate industry that has been growing fast, and this gives rise to a large number of government as well as private projects in the construction industry. But employers need civil engineers from a well-reputed college or university. The fact cannot be denied that the impact of engineering college is effective when it comes to project handling and other critical issues. Training and guidance play a vital role here.

Challenges faced by civil engineering graduates in getting good job offers

Wondering why civil engineering graduates struggle to get good jobs despite the fact that there is a high demand for qualified engineers in the construction industry to carry on the infrastructure-related projects? Not only this, as per the latest survey, the civil engineering sector has seen a drastic decline of 6.27 per cent in employment. Let’s learn some points where civil engineering graduates lack in –

Opting for an average engineering college

The employers see the name and fame of the college at the time of placement and keep their eyes on the best engineering institutes. Here comes the significance of an engineering college. Many students and their parents feel that B. Tech or M. Tech degree in civil engineering has its own value, no matter from where it has been gained. This is actually a wrong approach from the selectors’ point of view. The employers feel that faculty and mentors of good engineering colleges are smart enough to mould the students into their best forms.

Not paying heed to practical aspects of the subject

Civil engineering is all about handling construction projects and dealing with clients. Though the theory part of the syllabus is quite important, the practical sessions cannot be overlooked. There are universities that assign construction projects to the students to see their abilities and their exposure to the real world. This lays a good impact on their knowledge and skill part. Employers also seek for graduates who have a good hand in civil engineering projects.

Distraction in their approach

Sometimes civil engineering students get distracted owing to the vast curriculum and plethora of assignments on their heads. This is where they need to improvise, as companies never hire distracted individuals. Be it the Government sector or private units, every employer is quite particular about its new hiring. If you carry this approach, it’s better to get back in action before the completion of the course and entry of the recruiters during campus placements.

More focused on theories than practical

Civil engineering students are supposed to keep their practical buds on while attending the sessions. The faculties of good universities take the onus of making their approach pragmatic and developing their overall personality. Students from mediocre colleges somewhere lack in this ground, and this is the major reason why they fail to make it up for good job offers.

Lack of confidence

Last but not least, confidence lays the first impression in the minds of the recruiters. Many experienced professionals with good knowledge and skills sometimes get hesitate at the time of an interview. This is one of the important factors in winning the race. The bottom line states that civil engineering is an interesting stream, provided you choose a good college like GLA University and make efforts to gain relevant potential. GLA is a NAAC A+ Accredited university with a score of 3.46 out of 4, which makes it Number 1 in India amongst all the state private universities with NAAC A+ Accreditation.


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