Career after B. Com. – 12 Examples You want to copy

How many of you still searching the options after B. Com. or are in a dilemma – what next after B. Com.? Though B. Com. or Bachelor of Commerce is one of the most popular and in-demand graduation courses after the 12th, students sometimes repent their decision as they find it hard to choose the right path after B. Com. In today’s era, it’s not easy to get a job even if you have an MBA or MCA, so how could you expect the best career opportunities immediately after B. Com.? Is this what rule in your mind when you are in the final year of your graduation course?

A degree is a small thing that cannot define your caliber or strength in any field; one must focus on gaining the best quality learning after B. Com. This blog deals with multiple examples that justify that B. Com. graduates can have a bright future after course completion.

Reasons why one should pursue B. Com.

Our parents usually have ample stories of their struggle for school, college, or higher education. However, the time is changed now, and competition is raised to an extent, and students have to choose the right path at the right time to beat the rush. There are several benefits of pursuing a B. Com. course if you look at the positive side of it. Some of them are mentioned below –

  1. B. Com. degree course guides the students to go ahead and make a career in the entrepreneurship and corporate world.
  2. Students are privileged to learn about business and finance during the course as they can convert the learning to advanced studies and grow their careers in business.
  3. B. Com. degree holders have a wide range of courses, unlike other programs where students have limited scope. B. Com. Graduates can explore their talent in marketing, consultancies, accounting, investment banking, capital management, banks, and other industries.
  4. Some employers pick B. Com. graduates over others due to their exposure to diverse sectors.
  5. B. Com. graduates enjoy comparatively higher packages than other degree holders at the initial stage
  6. Multiple short-term programs are specifically for B. Com. graduates to gain exposure in many sectors and develop industry-oriented skills.

Career courses after B. Com.

A wide array of career options exist for students completing B. Com. degree courses from a good college or university. Only a few of them know the right career path after B. Com. Note that a stable professional career life is the dream of all, but those who try to make that dream come true deserve success.

In the first year of the B. Com. course, students usually fail to carry a mature outlook regarding career choices. Still, once they reach the final year, all their theories are based on career opportunities, salary, job security, and future growth. This shows that B. Com. students need correct guidance after graduation, or they have to compromise less.

Below given are some brilliant career courses that B. Com. graduates must pursue to increase their USP in the job market –

  1. MBA or Master of Business Administration
  2. CS or Company Secretary
  3. CA or Chartered Accountancy
  4. M Com or Master of Commerce
  5. BAT or Business Accounting and Taxation
  6. CFA or Chartered Financial Analyst
  7. CMA or Certified Management Accountant
  8. CIB or Certificate in Investment Banking
  9. FRM or Financial Risk Manager
  10. Certified Financial Planner
  11. Digital Marketing
  12. B. Ed or Bachelor of Education

How do you pick the best college for pursuing various courses after B. Com.?

Landing a good college for courses like M Com, MBA, CA, or B. Ed is difficult. It would help if you considered multiple aspects, from the infrastructure, amenities, resources, and faculty to the quality of the teaching and placement history of the university.

Considering that a high standard curriculum and the best quality education are not enough to entice the students, colleges have raised their bar of excellence in many arenas like advanced setup, international seminars, events, celebrity visits, etc. No matter how much students enjoy such lavish events conducted by the universities, their major focus shall remain on only one thing: placement. GLA University, Mathura, is one of the best private universities in UP that has witnessed remarkably high placements this year.

GLA has an excellent campus with great resources and amenities. The faculty of commerce is well experienced and knows how to clear the doubts of the students. As commerce is a tricky stream where students must focus on their studies, mentors try their best to train the graduates with the required skills.

B. Com. Graduates have a great career scope if they add more relevant skills to their resumes.


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