B Tech Electrical and Electronics Engineering An exciting career platform

B Tech Electrical and Electronics Engineering – An exciting career platform

Did you ever wake up with a dream where you play with complex electrical systems or controlled satellite communications? If so, your entire day goes off with the hidden thought of becoming an electrical engineer. Students who sincerely keep a mindset of building their career in the correct direction decide which field to opt for right after class 12th. Electrical and Electronics Engineering is a branch that has emerged as one of the most in-demand fields in the past few years. The evolution of advanced technologies across the world has created a gap that can only be bridged by electrical and electronics engineers. Let’s discover how B Tech electrical and electronics engineering is a rewarding career choice.

Multiple career choices under B. Tech Electrical and Electronics Engineering

About 18% of engineering aspirants in India prefer electrical and electronics engineering as their areas of specialization. On one side, where there is a lot of competition in this field, career options are also large. Engineering graduates can enjoy the below-given job profiles in India and abroad –

Electrical Engineering

Have you ever realized the significance of electrical devices at your home? In the present scenario, you can’t imagine daily household chores without them. This enhances the demand for an electrical engineer who deals with complex electrical systems, power transmission, motor control, satellite communications, home devices, telecommunications systems, power stations etc.

Aspirants can also opt for Electrical design engineering, where they can focus on designing electrical systems for a number of applications. Such engineers must have a sharp acumen in understanding computer tools and applications. The best part of this engineering branch is that the engineers have wide career choices in the field of aerospace, chemical companies, telecommunication units, marine, defence, construction and railway.

Telecommunications Engineering

The demand for telecom engineers has started growing since the time mobile phones have become the lifeline of the human race. Right from designing and maintaining multiple modes of electronic communications like texts, audio and video calls and internet services to their management, telecom engineers handle a lot of work. The career scope in this engineering field would explicitly be rising with time.

Micro Electrical Engineering

This stream of engineering is responsible for designing microchips, semiconductors, small circuits and many other mini-electrical components. The relevant industries for this type of job include aerospace, IT, biomedical and all other units that deal with microelectronic systems. Micro electrical engineers create new designs and make improvisations in existing product designs to enhance efficiency with cost-effectiveness.

Instrumentation Engineering

Such engineering requires creativity, out-of-the-box thinking, problem-solving, and the ability to work under high pressure. If you have all these traits, you will be able to face the upcoming challenges at work. The companies that deal with automation processes recruit instrumentation engineers. Their major role is to ensure the safety and quality production of the products. They are concerned about optimizing productivity and rooting out loopholes in the production process. This is, again, a career choice whose demand can never fall short.

Other Career Options

Electrical and electronics engineering is a vast field and thus offers many career choices. Higher studies in this stream would result in a wide range of job opportunities. Students can pursue M Tech in this discipline, become professors, or opt for research work.

If you are not an office-going person, choose freelancing as a full-time occupation. There are many organizations and journals that need technical writers for multiple projects. Self-employment can also be considered an option. Start your own electronic solutions business and jump into other areas like interior designing and home renovation.

Make up your mind for electronics and electrical engineering and pick the most competent and reputed engineering colleges to secure your future. GLA is one such university that has everything an engineering aspirant expects. Its brilliant infrastructure, excellent resources, advanced set-up, certified and expert faculty and placement record are worth admiring. The university boosts the morale of the students by initiating personality development classes, practical sessions, workshops, seminars and industrial visits. Its incomparable campus placements have witnessed high growth in the past few years.


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