7 facts you never knew about MBA

An MBA or Master of Business Administration is one of the most popular postgraduate degrees worldwide. It is highly sought after by students who want to enhance their business skills and knowledge and by professionals who want to boost their career prospects. However, despite its popularity, most people need to be made aware of some interesting facts about MBA. This blog will discuss seven facts you learned about MBA.

Important points to consider about MBA

Like any other degree course, MBA students expect job satisfaction, competitive salaries, benefits and opportunities for career growth. They also need a positive work environment and favourable conditions to grow within the organization. There are multiple facts about an MBA degree that only a few are aware of. Let’s talk about them in detail –

MBA is not just for business students

While an MBA is often associated with students who have a background in business, the truth is that you don’t need to have a business degree to pursue an MBA. Many MBA programs accept students from various academic backgrounds, including engineering, sciences, humanities, and social sciences. Having a diverse academic background can give you an advantage in the business world, allowing you to bring a unique perspective to business problems.

MBA graduates earn more than non-MBA graduates

One of the main reasons students pursue an MBA is to increase their earning potential. And the data supports this: MBA graduates typically earn significantly more than non-MBA graduates. According to a Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) survey, the median starting salary for MBA graduates in the United States was $115,000 in 2020, compared to $65,000 for non-MBA graduates.

MBA programs are highly customizable

MBA programs are not one-size-fits-all. Most MBA programs offer a high degree of customization, allowing students to tailor their curriculum to their career goals. For example, if you’re interested in entrepreneurship, you can choose electives focusing on start-up management and financing. If you’re interested in marketing, you can choose courses focusing on consumer behaviour and marketing strategy. This flexibility allows students to gain expertise in their chosen field and stand out in a competitive job market.

MBA programs are available in a variety of formats

If you’re interested in pursuing an MBA but are still determining if you can commit to a full-time, on-campus program, you’ll be happy to know that various MBA program formats are available. In addition to full-time, on-campus programs, you can pursue an MBA part-time, online, or through a hybrid format that combines online and on-campus learning. These alternative formats allow students to balance their education with their work and personal life.

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The MBA curriculum goes beyond business

While the MBA is a business degree, the curriculum is not limited to traditional business topics like finance and marketing. MBA programs also cover topics like organizational behaviour, leadership, and ethics. These topics are essential for developing well-rounded business professionals who can lead teams, make ethical decisions, and navigate complex organizational dynamics.

Employers highly value MBA programs

Employers highly value MBA degrees because they know that MBA graduates have developed critical business skills and knowledge essential for business success. In fact, according to a survey by GMAC, 95% of employers who hire business school graduates plan to hire MBA graduates in 2021. Additionally, MBA graduates are highly sought after for leadership roles, with many companies specifically looking for candidates with MBA degrees for executive positions.

MBA alumni networks are valuable resources

One of the most valuable aspects of an MBA program is the alumni network. MBA graduates are part of a global network of professionals who share a common bond and a commitment to advancing their careers. This network can be a valuable resource for job opportunities, industry insights, and mentorship. Many MBA programs also offer alumni events and networking opportunities, allowing graduates to stay connected and continue to build their professional relationships.

For business professionals, success can be measured in many ways, depending on their goals and objectives. By tracking these seven metrics, they can comprehensively understand their business’s performance and identify areas for improvement. Remember that success is not just about revenue growth but also about creating value for your customers, employees and society. To wrap up, pursuing an MBA is a smart choice for anyone wanting to enhance their business skills and knowledge and enjoy a good career.


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