CSR Activities

Corporate Social Responsibility/ Activities by GLA University

There is a famous saying, “Service to man is service to God.”

When an organization gets involved in serving the society, some refer to it as “CSR”. Others call it “Social service”. And yet others term it as “helping others”.

Whichever way one chooses to refer to it, GLA University strongly believes in “giving back to the society.”

Over the years several CSR activities have been successfully conducted (and continue to be conducted) by us.

Be it helping the underprivileged children or getting involved in cleaning activities or even sharing our expertise with school children or even spreading health awareness, we feel fortunate to be able to make our humble contribution in all these areas.

The following are the five primary social initiatives run by GLA University :

1)    PraYaas

2)    National Service Scheme Cell

3)    Social Awareness by Department of education

4)    Udaaan

5)    Ujjwal Braj

What follows is a collective glimpse into the various activities conducted by the five CSR pillars of GLA University mentioned above. 

PraYaas A social initiative of GLA University started in 2014 to help school students and teachers by conducting health awareness based, motivational and educative activities
National Service Scheme Cell  GLA University actively participates in what is popularly known as NSS, the scheme that was launched in Mahatma Gandhi Centenary year, 1969 and aims at developing student’s personality through community service
Social Awareness by Department of education  The department of education at GLA University actively conducts activities from time to time in order to spread social awareness about issues like child abuse, illiteracy, alcoholism, corruption etc.
UDAAAN  A social group in GLA University started by students of GLA University in 2012 aims at teaching and helping underprivileged students
Ujjwal Braj  A group of students at GLA University that conducts cleaning activities in areas adjoining Goverdhan hill from time to time. The first cleaning activity took place in 2015
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