Sponsored Projects

S. No. Department Name of Project Sponsored Agency PI/CO-PI Amount Duration
(Academic Year)
1 Mechanical
Role of nano fluids in augmenting the thermal performance of solar collector GLA University Mathura Dr. Sujit Kr. Verma Rs. 21 Lakhs 2 Years, (2017-19) On going
Design, Development and characterization of Graphene enhanced carbon fiber epoxy composited for automotive application GLA University Mathura Prof. Kamal Sharma Rs. 9 Lakhs 2 Years, (2017-19) On going
Investigation of heat transfer and pressure drop characteristics of hybrid nanofluids in double-tube and plate heat exchangers GLA University Mathura Mr. Naveen Kr. Gupta Rs 12 Lakhs 2 Years, (2017-19) On going
Smart Bag IEDC Siddartha Bajpai,
Nirmal Kumar Savita, Mr. Nitin Kukreja
Rs 2.5 Lakhs 1 Year, (2017-18) Completed
Finger Print Lock IEDC Aditya  Pandey, Shubham Srivastava, Prof Kamal Sharma Rs 2.5 Lakhs 1 Year, (2017-18) Completed
Solar Thermal Energy Storage in Building IEDC Shitanshu Mishra, Shubham, Mr Pushpendra Rathore Rs 2.5 Lakhs 1 Year, (2018-19) On going
Tede E Cycle IEDC Sachin Singh Sengar, Himanshu Mishra, Karanjeet Singh Randhawa, Gaurav Verma, Ravi kumar Shukla, Tejas Singh, Mr Prateek Kumar Rs 2.5 Lakhs 1 Year, (2018-19) On going
Wac Key IEDC Prateek Vashitha, Aman Kr Upadhyay, Mr Toshit Jain Rs 2.5 Lakhs 1 Year, (2018-19) On going
2 Chemistry Development of thermally stable radiation resistant organosilicate based paint formulations for corrosion control for high temperature applicability BRNS Mumbai Dr Prabal Pratap Singh (PI)
Dr Pankaj Garg (CoPI)
Rs 35 Lakhs 3 Years, (2018-21) Submitted and First Presentation is over
Spatial distribution of Uranium and associated water quality parameters in seven districts of U.P. BRNS Mumbai Dr Pankaj Garg (PI)
Dr Vinod Kumar(CoPI)
Rs 27 Lakhs 3 Years, (2018-21) Submitted  
Environmental applications of oxides electrocatalysts for detoxifications of hazaradous orgnic compounds SERB New Delhi Dr Basant Lal (PI) Rs. 2895132 3 Years, 2017-20 Submitted  
Fater dectection of bacteria or microbes using antibody coated nano particles base on electronic circuits  DST New Delhi Prof. Rajib Bandopadhayay and Prof P Pramanik(PI)
Prof. Bipantudu, Prof. Parminal Karmaker and Prof Atul Bansal (CoPI)
Rs. 4389000 3 Years, 2018-21 Submitted and First Presentation is over
3 English Creating Proficiency in English to slum and Rural school Children TNPL, Chennai  Prof. Shreesh Chaudhary  Rs. 45 Lakh 3 Years, 2016-19 On going
4    Biotechnology    Evidence based support for efficacy of homeopathic remedy, Nux, through pharmacological studies and elucidation f its mechanism ovomicaf action using Gene Expression Profiling Ministry of AYUSH, New Delhi PI: Prof. A.K. Bhatia; Co-PI 1: Aditya Saxena; Co-PI 2: Dr. Anjana Goel Rs. 677250 2 Years, (2015-17) Completed
Biodiversity and ecological interaction of algal strains found in local water bodies of mathura. Ministry of Science & Technology,  DBT, New Delhi PI: Nitin Wahi, Co-PI Aditya Saxena  Rs. 800000 1 Years, 2018-2019 On going
Improving soil health & agriculture productivity using vermi composting and organic farming. GLA University (In collaboration with Civil Dept.) PI: Alok Bhardwaj, PI: Mayank Mranal, Co-PI:  Nitin Wahi  Rs.300000 2 Years, (2017-19) On going
Computational System Genetic-approaches to identify key Molecular players of Cellular physiology, and complex traits GLA University PI: Aditya Saxena; Co-PI : Nitin Wahi  Rs. 550000 2 years, (2018-20) On going
Biotech-Krishi Innovation Science Application Network (Biotech-KIsan) DBT, Ministry of Science and technology Alok Bharadwaj (PI), Nitin Wahi (Co-PI), Mayank Mirnal (Co-PI) Rs 36000000 5 years (2018-2023) Submitted
5 Computer Engineering & Applications Identification of Unreliablity and Fakeness in Social Media Posts UP-CST PI: Dr. Dilip Kumar Sharma, Co-PI: Dr. Yogesh Gupta  Rs. 1174000 3 Years, (2018-21) Submitted 
Gender Classification of Indian Face DRDO PI: Prof. Anand Singh Jalal, Co-PI: Prof. Dilip Kumar Sharma, Dr. Yogesh Gupta, Mr. Pragyesh Kumar Rs. 2345800 3 Years, (2018-21) Submitted 
6 Electrical Engineering Development of Control Strategies for Energy Management in Electric Vehicle GLA University Dr. Sanjay Kumar Maurya Rs. 4.5 Lakhs 2 Years, (2017-19) On going
7 Electronics & Communication Engineering Design and Analysis of Decoupled Servo and Regulatory Control Actions for Non-linear Systems GLA University Dr. Vishal Goyal
Dr. V. K. Deolia
Mr. Puneet Mishra
Rs. 6.00 Lakhs 2 Years, (2017-19) On going
Development of Diabetes and Related Disease Identification System using Iris and Retinal Images GLA University  Dr. Atul Bansal
Dr. Ravinder Agarwal
Rs. 5.00 Lakhs 2 Years, (2017-19) On going
9 IPR Synthesis, Kinetics and Pharmacological evalution of Prodrugs of Non Steroidal Anti Inflammatory Agents with Drugs of Herbal Origin GLA University Dr. Kamal Shah  Rs. 5.2 Lakhs 2 Years, (2017-19) On going

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External Orientation of Academic Research Programmes

  • Study of Sub-surface VLF Electric Field Emissions Associated with Earth Quakes
  • Development and Characterization of Organic Electronic Material

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