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Management Journal

About the Journal ‘Prastuti’:

Keeping an eye on kaleidoscopic range of issues influencing the business management and administration‘Prastuti - Journal of Management and Research’ forays into the realm of advances and amelioration being made in the field of management practices and studies. It provides a podium for the dissemination and experimentation for practices and policies of the business management and administration. 

  • Prastuti - Journal of Management and Research’ (ISSN 2320-2262) is published annually.
  • Research Papers, Research Articles, Case Studies or Book Reviews encompassing all allied field of research related to management are invited for the forthcoming issues
  • After submission of research paper, research papers are sent for blind peer review. Thereafter, Notification as to acceptance of publication will be sent to author/s.  This process is expected to be completed within two months from the date of submission and notified consequently.
  • There is no processing fee for publication of research papers charged.
  • In case of queuing of article for publication, author/s will be intimated accordingly.

Guidelines for Submission of Manuscript

Authors are requested to adhere to guidelines while submitting a manuscript for publication. The detailed manuscript submission guidelines can be downloaded (Prastuti_Guidelines_for_Manuscript_Submission.Pdf). 

Ethics Policy

Journal adheres to high standards of research ethics and plagiarism in any context is strictly not allowed. All manuscripts, articles submitted for publication are checked for plagiarism and only eligible articles are processed for review process. Failing in adhering to Ethics Policy of Journal, Authors can be detained from future submissions. 

Editorial Board

Prof. D.S. Chauhan, Vice-Chancellor, GLA University

Editor in Chief
Prof. Anand Mohan Agrawal.Pro-vice chancellor and Director
Institute of Business Management, GLA University
E Mail ID: provc@gla.ac.in

Prof. Kanhaiya Singh, Professor,
Institute of Business Management, GLA University
Email ID: editorprastuti@gla.ac.in

Associate Editor
Dr. Vivek Agrawal, Asso. Professor,
Institute Business Management, GLA University
E Mail ID: associateeditorprastuti@gla.ac.in

Editorial Advisory Board
Prof. A.K. Saxena,
Dean, Faculty of Commerce and Management,
Integral University, Lucknow
E Mail ID: deanmgmt@iul.ac.in

Prof. Dayanand Pandey,
Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida
E Mail ID: director.noida@jaipuria.ac.in

Dr. Nawal kishore
Professor, School of Management Studies
IGNOU, New Delhi
E Mail ID: nkishor@ignou.ac.in

Dr. Raksh Mohan Joshi
Professor & Chairperson (Research)
Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, New Delhi
E Mail ID: rakeshmohanjoshi@iift.edu

Dr. Thadavillil Jithendranathan,
Professor, St. Opus College of Business,
St. Thomas University, Minneapolis, USA
E Mail ID: T9jithendran@stthomas.edu

Dr. Vipin Gupta,
Professor & Co-Director,
Center for Global Management
Distinguished Research Fellow
Jack H. Brown College
Business and Public Administration
California State University - San Bernardino
E Mail ID: Vipin.gupta@csusb.edu

Editorial Team

Prof. Somesh Dhamija,
Professor & HoD UG Program
Institute of Business Management, GLA University, Mathura
E Mail ID: somesh.dhamija@gla.ac.in

Prof. Vikas Tripathi
Professor & HoD PG Program
Institute of Business Management, GLA University, Mathura
E Mail ID: vikas.tripathi@gla.ac.in

Prof. Aruna Dhamija
Professor, Institute of Business Management, GLA University, Mathura
E Mail ID: aruna.dhamija@gla.ac.in

Dr. Ankit Saxena,
Associate Professor,
Institute of Business Management, GLA University, Mathura
E Mail ID: ankit.saxena@gla.ac.in

Dr. Kapil Bansal
Assistant Professor
Institute of Business Management, GLA University, Mathura
E Mail ID: kapil.bansal@gla.ac.in


How to Contact us:

  • Please direct all the manuscripts and editorial correspondence to editor.prastuti@gla.ac.in
  • You can also send your communication to following address:


Prastuti - Journal of Management and Research

Institute of Business Management

GLA University, Mathura (UP)

PIN-281406 Ph. No.: +91-5662-250718

For any other query, Please contact Prof. Kanhaiya Singh (9899664010) Editor or Dr. Vivek Agrawal (89799 49444), Associate Editor, ‘Prastuti - Journal of Management and Research.

Copyright Form

Once, the author / contributor receives a notification for acceptance of publication, he / she is required to submit the copyright form duly filled to the editor. This is a mandatory requirement for featuring an article in journal. The form can be downloaded (Prastuti_Copyright_Form.Pdf).


Subscription details for ‘Prastuti - Journal of Management and Research’ are as follows:

Subscription Rates (Inclusive of Postages)


1 Year

3 Year


1 Year

3 Year




Other Individuals



Teachers, Scholars & Alumni



Foreign Nationals

USD 100

Euro 65

USD 250

Euro 160




 Subscription Form can be downloaded (Prastuti_Subscription_Form.Pdf). All subscriptions are payable by D.D. in favor of ‘GLA University’ payable at Mathura.  

                       Previous Issues       

Volume- 1

Volume- 2

                                       Volume- 3                                     

Volume- 4

Volume- 5

Coming soon Volume- 6