About the Research Cell

The key goal of the GLA University is to ensure a creative atmosphere for our students and faculty to take up higher studies and research.

We at GLA have undertaken concerted efforts to align our R&D focus with the national goals of achieving technological competence and self-reliance.

The faculty and students undertake research projects in the thriving areas of science, engineering, management and technology. Apart from conducting a fundamental research, many R&D projects offer opportunities to tackle live problems.

The faculty and students of GLAUniversity have carried out a number of research and development projects to advance and apply knowledge for the benefit of industry and society.

This nurtures an environment that promotes creativity and scholarship. The core lies in innovation and that comes from new ideas that very often emanate from high quality academic institutes and universities.

We have also established some successful partnerships with the industry.

Research Group

Today’s sophisticated technologies are of an interdisciplinary nature and require the coming together of efforts of several groups and/or entities such as faculty members.

The progressive intensification of research has led to the formation of interdisciplinary research groups which helps in creating modern research facilities and technically skilled manpower in key areas. The university fosters many such endeavors that cut across various disciplines with the aim of developing appropriate technology.

RPC Activity Spectrum

Representative Technical Areas of Interest for Research Collaboration:

  • Sponsored Research and Development Projects
  • Consultancy Projects
  • R&D partnership with industries and R & D Organizations
  • R&D initiation (seed) grants
  • Publication and information dissemination

While attempts are being made in the various technical areas, technology which suits the needs of the community is also developed. GLAUniversity has initiated and developed strong institutional ties with other reputed academic organizations. These involve research collaborations in areas of mutual interest, exchange of invitations for lectures and talks, seminars, etc. and development of training schemes.

R&D Initiation Grants

GLAUniversity also provides an opening seed grant to interested faculty members for initiating R&D projects and preliminary work towards formulating detailed proposals for funding agencies.

In addition, the university also funds few projects in specialized areas of Cross Disciplinary Research Groups.

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