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Faculty Profile

Mr. Vijay Kr. Gupta
Asstt. Professor
Institute of Engineering and Technology
Department of Mechanical Engineering

Contact Details:

Email: vijay.gupta@gla.ac.in

Contact Number: 7839041290

Contact Details:

Email: vijay.gupta@gla.ac.in, mech.vijayg@gmail.com

Contact Number: 7839041290


  • 2.5 years of Industrial Experience in Automobile Sector.


▪  Matlab – Symbolic toolbox, Simulink

▪  Hypermesh–Geometry clean up, meshing  (2D & 3D)

▪  SolidWorks – Drafting, modelling, assembly

▪  ANSYS 14.0 –Workbench and Mechanical APDL

▪  Nastran/Patran

▪  C++ – Working Knowledge

▪  AutoCAD –  2D and 3D modelling


M.Tech. (2015)in Aerospace Engineering fromIndian Institute of Technology Kanpur, India

B.Tech. (2010) in Mechanical Engineering fromUPTU Lucknow.

▪  M.Tech. Thesis - “Structural dynamic analysis of curved wing stiffeners”.

  • Dynamic behaviour of curved beams (in-plane and out-of-plane) was studied.
  • Solving the vibration problem using Ritz method.
  • Developed a Matlab code using symbolic toolbox for Ritz method to compute the Eigen value problem.
  • Simulation of beam/wing in FEA package like Ansys to compute the different natural frequencies and corresponding mode shapes.
  • To perform the experiments by Modal testing setup for the validation of above two methods.
  • By using this experimental set-up, calculate the natural frequency of flapping wing developed in structures lab.


▪   Project - Development of a 1D h-p Finite Element code in Matlab

  • Finite element code for Bar has the provision of - Generic Boundary conditions and loading withh (element length) or p (order of element) refinement of user’s choice and Post processing.
  • Finite Element code for cantilever Beam – Generic Boundary conditions and loading of user choice and utilization of Hermite cubic shape functions and Post processing.



▪  Project -Derived the equations of motion for double pendulum by using analytical method anddeveloped a Matlab code to solve these

equations for given initial conditions. Also developed a Simulink model to solve this 2-DoF problem.



▪  Project - Development of a Matlab code for a given frame structure to compute the nodal displacement, deformation of structure,

reaction forces at constraints and stress variation by Finite Element Method.

▪  Project - Model the beam (open section) in ANSYS using Beam element or plate/shell elements to analyse the position and magnitude of

maximum deflection, magnitude and nature of maximum stress and strain, maximum bending deflection in each plane and maximum stress values for all stress components.

About me

I am a self-motivated individual who is passionate about modelling & simulation, vibration, multi body dynamics. My other academic interests include automobile vehicles and unmanned flight.

Being a Mechanical Engineer, I firmly believe that sustained efforts and dedication are key ingredients to achieve any goal. The right question is not 'Will it perform?’ it is 'Are we in a better position than yesterday to make it perform?’.

I am also very patient and open to new ideas and suggestions when working in a team. Apart from work, I enjoy appreciating nature and doing Photography.

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