Faculty Profile

Dr. Avishek Deb
Assistant Professor
Institute of Applied Science & Humanities

Contact Details:

Email: avishek.deb@gla.ac.in
Contact Number: 9935465582


  • 3 years Teaching/Research experience in the field of English Literature and Language


PhD (2018): Department of English, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, U.P., India

M.A. in English (2009): Department of English,B.H.U., India



  • Deb, Avishek. “Transcending the Self through Shadows: A Psychological Study Of Pesum Padam or Pushpak”.Ad Litteram: An English Journal of InternationalLiterati, Volume 2 Dec 2017. ISSN: 2456 6624. http://adlitteramjournal.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/3.-Avishek-Deb_Article_Ad-Litteram-Journal_December-2017-Edition_Volume-2.pdf
  • Bhattacharya, Pinak Sankar & Avishek Deb. “The Star Apple Kingdom”. Muse India, Issue 73 May-Jun 2017. ISSN: 0975-1815.http://www.museindia.com/Home/ViewContentData?arttype=focus&issid=73&menuid=7263.
  • Deb, Avishek. Philosophy and Politcs of Language: A Study of Indian-English. Anusilana, Vol. LXXII, Varanasi: Manvi Seva Samiti, 2017. ISSN: 0973-8762.
  • Deb, Avishek. The Individual and the Structure: The Postmodern Condition in Utpal Dutt’s Hunting the Sun. Literaria Linguistica, Vol. 1, New Delhi: Association for Literary and Linguistic Studies, July 2015. ISSN: 2454-5228
  • Manna Nirban and Avishek Deb (trans.) Black Hole. Amitava Roy (ed.) Bratya Basu: Select Plays in English Translation. Kolkata: Deep Prakashan, January 2015.
  • Deb, Avishek. “The Female Intellect and the Structures: A Dialectical Question in Meena Kandaswamy’s Another Paradise Lost. Dynamics of Progression. New Delhi: Excel India Publishers, 2014. ISBN: 978-93-83842-57-5.
  • Deb, Avishek. Reality Questioned: An Experimental Screen Technique of Akira Kurosawa’s Rashomon in Badal Sircar’s play That Other History. Anusilana, Vol. LVIII, Varanasi: Manvi Seva Samiti, 2014. ISSN: 0973-8762.
  • Jha, Jai Shankar and Avishek Deb. Rehistorifying Prisms of Darkness: Marginalization in Badal Sircar’s Indian History Made Easy and Stale News. Ars Artium, Vol. I (p.15-21), New Delhi: Paragon Publishers, January 2013. ISSN: 2319-7889
  • Bhattacharya, Pinak Sankar & Avishek Deb. Tagore’s Karna-Kunti Samvad. Muse India, Issue 39 2011. ISSN: 0975-1815. http://www.museindia.com/viewarticle.asp?myr=2011&issid=39&id=2853 .

Papers presented in seminars/conferences

  • Deb, Avishek. Naxalism and Bengali Middle Class: A Study of Mahasweta Devi’s Mother of 1084. “Research Without Boundaries: National Seminar on Interdisciplinary Research and Studies in Humanities”. Faculty of Arts. Banaras Hindu University. Varanasi. September 2010.
  • Deb, Avishek. Simulation and Reality of Indian Dream: A Study of Leftist Dialectics in Badal Sircar’s Bhoma with Reference to Rural-Urban Dichotomy. “International Seminar on Theory At Work: Text, History and Culture” Department of English, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi in Collaboration with Sahitya Akademi &ICSSR, New Delhi. November 2010.
  • Deb, Avishek. Staging Beyond the Colonial Enigma of Box and Arch: A Study Badal Sircar’s Third Theatre.  “International Conference on Decolonising The Stage: Paradigm, Practice and Politics” Department of English. Banaras Hindu University. November 2011.
  • Deb, Avishek. Figuring the Reality through Subjective Versions: A Study of Exchanging Technique in Cinema and Literature. “National Seminar on Text Screen Interface: Cinematic Encoding and Indian English Literature” Department of English and Other Foreign Languages, Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidyapith, Varanasi. February 2012.
  •  Jha, J.S. & Avishek Deb. Rehistorifying Prisms of Darkness: Marginalization as Represented in Badal Sircar’s Indian History Made Easy and State News. “National Seminar on Mediating Marginalities”. Centre of Women Studies & Development. Faculty of Social Sciences, Banaras Hindu University. March 2012.
  • Deb, Avishek. Translating and Performing a ‘Rural’ from the ‘Royal’: An Analysis of Habib Tanvir’s Kaamdev ka apna Basant Ritu ka Sapna and William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream.”7th Biennial World Shakespeare Conference on Shakespeare Across Cultures. Department of English, Banaras Hindu University in Collaboration with Shakespeare Society of Eastern India, Kolkata.” December 2012.
  • Deb, Avishek. Unmasking the Oppression and Violence: A Study with reference to Habib Tanvir’s Charandas Chor.’ “National Seminar on Women and Violence”. Centre for Women’s Studies & Development, Faculty of Social Sciences, Banaras Hindu University. March 2013.
  • Deb, Avishek. Battling with Imperialism from Page to Stage to Screen: An Analysis of Utpal Dutt’s Ferari Fauj. “International Conference on Literature to Cinema: Appropriation, Adaptation, Adulteration”. Department of Humanities & Social Sciences, National Institute of Durgapur, West Bengal in Collaboration with ICSSR. June 2013.
  • Deb, Avishek. Violence! The Court is in Session: Communication of the ‘Cold’ Alliance against Reason through Utpal Dutt’s Hunting the Sun. “International Conference on Literature, Language and Communication: ‘An Essential Trident”. Amity University, Lucknow in Collaboration with Shakespeare Society of Eastern India, Kolkata. December 2013.
  • Deb,Avishek. Ideology as Fictionality: Suppressed Historical Narratives in Manohar Malgaonkar’s The Garland Keepers. “International Seminar on Reading/Understanding Fiction in Contemporary Times”. Department of English, Banaras Hindu University in Collaboration with Sahitya Akademi &ICSSR, New Delhi. March 2014.
  • Deb, Avishek and Shiladitya Bhattacharya. Politics of Language and Identity: A Role of Indian English. 4th International Conference MAGIC ’16: Methods, Aesthetics and Genre in Communication. University of Petroleum & Energy Studies. Dehradun. November 2016.
  • Deb,Avishek. Thus Spake E: A Critical Analysis of Transgender Literature in Indian English. English Studies in India: Changes and Challenges. Department of English, Banaras Hindu University. Varanasi. November 2016.
  • Deb,Avishek. Ideology of the Raghu ‘Daakats’: An Analysis of the Social Bandits. “International Seminar on In Search of the Hero(es) within the Genre and Beyond.” Department of English, MMV, Banaras Hindu University. Varanasi. February 2018. 

Membership of professional bodies: 01

Life Time member of ELTAI

Workshops Attended     

  • Participated in the 8-day(s) National Workshop on Aesthetics of Rasa and Dhvani: Theory and Application. Department of English, DAV PG College, Banaras Hindu University. Varanasi. Sep 20-27 2016.
  • Participated in the 10-day(s) Departmental Workshop ‘DTE-16’. Department of English, GLA University, Mathura. July 25th-August 5th, 2016.
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