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Faculty Profile

Dr. Amit Kumar Kaushik
Assistant Professor
Faculty of Education

Contact Details:

Email: amitkumar.kaushik@gla.ac.in

Contact Number: 9410667508

Experience: - More than 9 Years’ experience in teacher training course.


Ph. D (History)

M.Phil. (Education) from CMJ University Shilong

M. Ed.  from Jiwaji University Gwalior.

M.A. (History) DBRAU Agra

M.A. (Education) DBRAU Agra

Conferences /seminar/workshop attended.

National Research Seminar:-

1.Two week Training course on Preventive and Curative Conservation of books and paper manuscripts.

2.Grantho ke prathmik sanrakshan .

3. Pandulipiyon ka prathmik sanrakshan evm rakh-rakhav.

4. Uttar Bharat ke madhyakalin itihas mein sangeet ka vikas.

5. National Seminar on Gandhian Philosophy it relevance in the 21th Century”.

6. National seminar on Human rights and Development.

7. National Works shop on Mind full ness meditation.

8. National seminar on Rajeev Gandhi his vision of the 21th century.

9. National seminar on dream of PT. Nehru and modern india- challenges and aspirations.

10. International Seminar on Prominence of human rights in the criminal justice system.

11. National Workshop on Research methodology, and introduction methods and technique.

12. National seminar on Globalization, impact on rights of women.

JRF research experience sponsored by UGC.

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