Faculty Profile

Mrs. Preeti Verma
Assistant Professor
Faculty of Education
Faculty of Education

Contact Details:

Email: Preeti.verma@gla.ac.in
Contact Number: 9215588998

Experience: - More than 4 Years experience in teacher training course.


Ph. D pursuing (Education)

M. Ed.  In 2010 from Jiwaji University Gwalior.

M.A. (English) M.D.U. Rohtak.

M.A. (Political Science) Rajasthan University.

Publication Journal:-

The ASIAN JOURNAL of Psychology & Education.


Important & Tourism industry in the Economics and Educational Perception March (2014).

Published Book:-

Educational Psychology.


“The significance of Global Competition and efficient management”

36th All India accounting Conference, held in Visakhapatnam January 214 (U.G.C.)

“The study of Cultural Psychological Social and Political events in the Modern Society”

 International Conference on “Social Responsibility in Economics Perspective- A Global Issue” held in Jaipur  11-13 Jan 2014 (U.G.C., ICSSR)


Conduct Two Days National Seminar on Inclusive Education (12-13 Feb 2015) as a Convener.

Participate in DIET Gurgaon 29-01-2014 to 31-01-2014 three Days “Innovation in Teaching Pursuit for inspired Training”.

International Institute of Fashion Technology 6 Month Course.

“The study of physical Education and Academic Educational modernity” Research Line: - May-July (2014)

“Challenges and Future Prospects of teacher Education”

Research Line: - May-July (2014)

1 Badate huye Jal “pradooshan ke karan nadiyon ka manak star kam hona: vivechnatmak adhyyan” Shodhayan: - May-July (2013)

2- "Badate huye aparivartniy aatmchetan evm vyaktitva ka manovaigyanik adhyyan"Shodh Yatra: - Nov (2013)

3- "Dharmik lok-katha chiton ka udbhav evm parmparaon ka smajsashtriy adhyyan"Research Line: - Nov-Jan (2014)

Conferences /seminar/workshop attended.

National Research Seminar:-

The study of E- Business - E- Commerce & E- Governance in modern society”

 “E- Governance in Economic Development Challengers and prospects” 26-27 Oct 2012 (U.G.C. C.RO).

"Vartman pryavaran mein AIDS ak samajik samasya ke roop mein"

“National Seminar on Challenges for Agriculture & Rural Development in India”. 28-29 Sep 2013 (U.G.C.-CRO)

“Uttar vaidik kal mein nari ka dharmik evm samajik mahatva”

National seminar on teaching of Education as a Second language:- Post Trends and future direction. 12-13 Feb 2014 (U.G.C.)

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