Faculty Profile

Dr. Aditya Saxena
Asstt. Professor
Institute of Applied Science & Humanities

Contact Details:

Email: aditya.saxena@gla.ac.in
Contact Number: 8171630011


I am very enthusiastic to work with an Organization, inducing me for self actualizing my Research Potential and Academic Competencies. 

Academic & Professional Profile: 

  • Pursuing Ph.D  titled “ Statistical Analysis of gene expression data using open source software project Bio-conductor” from Uttrakhand Technical University (UTU), Dehradun;
  • Master of Technology in IT Specialization in Bioinformatics from Indian Institute of Information Technology, Allahabad with CGPA 8.48 (2002-04)
  • Master of Sciences in Biotechnology from Davi Ahilya University, Indore with CGPA 7.5 (transformed percentage 71.10) (2000-02)
  • Bachelor of Sciences in CBZ from Bundelkhand University, Jhansi with 66.6% (marks obtained 892 out of 1350) (1997-2000)
  • Higher Secondary Examination, from UP Board  with 64.4 %.( 1997).
  • High School Examination, from UP Board  with 71 %.( 1995). 

Project Investigation : 

Co-Investigator in Extra Mural Research Project, “Evidence based support for the efficacy of homeopathic remedies, “Nux vomica” through pharmacological studies and elucidation of its mechanism of action using Gene Expression Profiling” sectioned by DEPARTMENT OF AYURVEDA, YOGA and NATUROPATHY, UNANI, SIDDHA AND HOMOEPATHY [AYUSH], MINISTRY OF HEALTH and FAMILY WELFARE, GOVERNMENT OF INDIA (Cost of Project Rs. 677250/- duration 1 & ½ years) 

Scholarships/Awards : 

  • Secured 95.55 percentile (AIR 115) in GATE 2002 conducted by Indian Institute of Sciences, Bangalore
  • Qualified CSIR-UGC NET exam for lectureship in December 2001
  • MHRD Scholarship of Rs. 5,000 per month in M.Tech
  • DBT Scholarship of Rs. 400 per month in M.Sc.
  • Selected in Combined Biotechnology Entrance Examination conducted by JNU New Delhi for Admission to M.Sc Program in May 2000 

Affiliations ; 

  1. Reviewer in International Journals of Computational Biology (ISSN 2278-8115) an open access peer-reviewed online journals since 2014 
  2. Assistant Editor in “Corm” The Floriculture Journal, a publication of Garden Glory, Human Empowerment Cooperative Ltd. J&K  
  3. Consultant at Scientific Advisory Committee in Rapture Biotech, A Noida based privately held Bioservices Company providing solutions in Bioinformatics tools & software's, Instrumentation, Reagents & Consumables, Upstream & Downstream for Biopharma/Pharma Companies, Drug Discovery solution & Technology based consultancy.  

Publications in Journals and conferences/ chapter contributions : 

  1. “Phylogenetic Analysis of Mycobacterium leprae genome for identification of novel drug targets” in Indian Journal of Biotechnology, a publication of National Institute of Science Communication and Information Resources in January 2006 issue 
  2. “Status of Bioinformatics Commercialization in India” in the 6th National Conference on Advancement of Technologies Focus 2010 INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY & ENERGY MANAGEMENT during February 20-21, 2010 organized by Computer Society of India & the GLA Group of Institutes, Mathura
  3. Manuscript titled “Soil Metagenomics: A new approach to study plant-microbe interaction” Authored by Aditya Saxena ; Paper ID: PA/PM/2013/009 to “Plant & Microbs” SBW Publishers, New Delhi
  4. Manuscript titled “Mycorrhiza and Its Ecological Aspects” Authored by Alok Bharadwaj and Aditya Saxena Paper ID: PA/PM/2013/001 to “Plant & Microbs” SBW Publishers, New Delhi
  5. “Internal Controls for the Quality Assessment of Polymerase Chain Reaction Methods for the Diagnosis of Infectious & Autoimmune Diseases” Duli Chand, Anurag Shukla, Man Singh, Ravi Kumar Govil, Banke Bihari, Narotam Sharma, Aditya Saxena, A.K. Bhatia, R.K. SinghJournal of medicine and research vol 3 Sch. J. App. Med. Sci., 2014; 2(1D):485-488
  6. “Identification of differential gene expression in in-vitro cultured human macrophages in response to EBOLA virus infection using public gene expression data” Shreyashi Varshny, Aditya Saxena and A.K. Bhatia at International Conference on “Challenges and opportunities in animal health at the face of globalization and climatic changes” during October 30th -1st November, 2014
  7.  “Molecular Approaches for identifying algal isolates for biofuel productivity using 18S rRNA phylogenetic analysis” Nitin Wahi, A.K. Bhatia, Vijay Laxmi Tripathi and Aditya Saxena, at International Conference on “Challenges and opportunities in animal health at the face of globalization and climatic changes” during October 30th -1st November, 2014
  8. “An analysis of the onset of dissection tolerance during wheat seed embryogenesis and its implications for seed storability” Deepali Upadhyay,Sherry Jacob,A.K. Bhatia and Aditya Saxena, at International Conference on “Challenges and opportunities in animal health at the face of globalization and climatic changes” during October 30th -1st November, 2014

Teaching Experience: 

  1. Presently Working as Assistant Professor in Department of Biotechnology and Microbiology & Immunology at GLA Institute of Applied Sciences & Humanities , Mathura from 06th July 2009
  2. Worked as lecturer in the Department of Biotechnology Engineering at Hindustan College of Science and Technology, Mathura from7th January,2008 to 6th June 2009
  3. Worked as lecturer in the Department of Biotechnology engineering at Meerut Institute of Engineering & Technology, Meerut in. From 20 August 2005 to 31st December 2007
  4. Worked as Assistant Professor in Department of Biotechnology at Dolphin Institute of Biomedical & Natural Sciences (PG) Dehradun from 5th Oct. 2004 to 19th August 2005 

Research Interests/Competencies  : 

Microarray & Next Generation sequencing Bioinformatics, Bio-medical Text mining  

Teaching Interests/ Subject Taught ; 

  • Bioinformatics (various Machine learning Approaches, Modeling & Simulation, Micro array Data   Analysis )
  • Data Structure & Algorithms
  • Industrial Economics & Principals of Management
  • Molecular Biology & Molecular Genetics
  • Cell Biology
  • Immunology
  • Proteomics & Genomics
  • Recombinant DNA Technology
  • Development Biology
  • Plant Pathology & Economic Botany
  • Fundamental Computer & Concepts in Programming  

Projects and Term Papers 


Isolation and purification of amylase from Phasiolus mungo
Techniques in Molecular Biology

(M.Tech  Bioinformatics)
1. Building a sequences search protocol
2. Protein Secondary Structure Prediction using neural network

Final Project: A Molecular Phylogenetic Approach for Identification of Novel Drug Targets
Abstract: Reductive Evolution provide a pathogen minimal gene set, due to loss of genes, for drug target identification biochemical techniques can not be used as these pathogens are difficult to culture.M.leprae has shown example of this phenomenon.
Besides classical drug targets i.e., toxins, adhesions using molecular phylogeny approach we can identify some novel drug targets.
Horizontally transferred genes in bacterial pathogens from their eukaryotic hosts have been classified as “Novel Drug Targets” and a reusable system for identifying novel drug targets has been built.
I identified two genes in this pathogen and also found relevance of their transfer i,e., how their transfer enhances pathoadeptivity of leprae  

IT Proficiency: 

  • Programming language: C.
  • Platforms: Window 98, 2000, XP
  • Language: Bio programming with PERL
  • DBMS: MS Access, Oracle 9i (SQL/PL SQL),visual basic, JAVA
  • Statistical Programming using R for Microarray Data Analysis

Extra Curricular Activities: 

Worked as Organizing Secretary in 3 Days “National Workshop on Bioinformatics” during 16-18 November 2007 in collaboration with MASCON Global Ltd., Gurgaon at MIET Meerut 

Conferences/Workshop Attended: 

  • 5 Days Short Term Programme on “Nanosciences & Nanotechnology” at National Institute for  Technical Teachers Training & Research Chandigarh from 06th -10th November 2006 
  • 1 Day National Seminar on “Apoptosis- Recent Developments” on 10th February, 2007 sponsored by Department of Biotechnology, MIET Meerut  
  • 3 Days National Level Workshop on “Role of System Biology & Algorithms in Drug Discovery Process” conducted by Institute of Computational Biology Bangalore from 26th – 28th December 2008 
  • Participated in the academic lecturers and Interaction sessions at the “Second Science Conclave: A Congregation of Nobel Laureates” at Indian Institute of Information Technology, Allahabad during 8th – 14th December 2009 
  • 2 Days Workshop on “Theory of Computation” from 13th – 14th February 2010 organised by Department of Computer Science, GLA Institute of Technology, Mathura
  • Participated in BioExcellence Workshop : Whole Genome Expression Profiling Using QPCR & Microarray Technology on February 05, 2011 at iLife Discoveries Pvt. Ltd. Gurgaon
  • 3 Days Symposium on “Accelerating Biology” from 15th – 17th February 2012 at Center for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC), on cutting edge technologies like Next Generation Sequencing, Cloud Computing etc
  • Participated in 2 days “Life Science Conclave 2012” organized by Confederation of Indian Industries , New Delhi on 11-12 December 2012
  • Participated as Delegate in 2 days “National Conference on Phytomedicines-An Alternate to Modern Medicine & Their Molecular Expression” at GLA University, Mathura on 16-17 February 2013
  • Participated in Two days Brain Storming Session on “Prioritizing Research Areas on Nano-Bio-Information Technology for Development of North-Western Himalayan States & Strengthening Efforts in Frontier Sciences and Practicing Hi-Tech Research” from 12th-13th July,2013 organized by Department of Molecular Biology & Genetic Engineering, CBSH,G.B. Pant University of Agriculture & Technology, Pantnagar (U.K.)
  • 3 Days Symposium on “Accelerating Biology” in January 2015 at Center for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC), on cutting edge technologies like Next Generation Sequencing, Cloud Computing etc 


  • Dr. Arun P. Chopra, Associate Professor & Head, Hindustan College of Science & Technology, Mathura e mail : apchopra.hcst@gmail.com contact: +919219697932 
  • Dr. T. Lahiri , Associate Professor, Department of Bioinformatics, Indian Institute of Information Technology, Allahabad , email:  tapobratalahiri@gmail.com contact +919415648262 


Reading spiritual books, listening and singing songs, practicing martial art, communicating with fiends/ intellectual ones 

Personal Details: 

DOB                 :  23/05/80

Fathers name:  Mr Anil Kumar Saxena, Rtd. Asstt. Manager (Q.C.) F.C.I.

Marital status:  Married    

Spouse            :  Mrs. Roope Khare, Ph.D, MBA (Mkt. & HR), Personality Development  Instructor

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