Faculty Profile

Prof. A.K. Bhatia
Emeritus Professor
Institute of Applied Science & Humanities

Contact Details:

Email: ak.bhatiya@gla.ac.in
Contact Number: 9897065354

Father’s name                  :  LateShri Bharat Lal Bhatia

Residence                          : C/O MrsKalla.B.  Bhatia  B- 33, Moti-kunj, Near Sacred Heart Convent School,   Mathura, 281001, UP,INDIA

Contact number                :  Mobile- 08869837271, 09810232197                                          

Residence—(0565)-2408535, 6532043

Date of Joining                   :     1-09-2009

Date of Birth                        :     29th January, 1947

Nationality                            :     Indian

Educational Qualification :     M. V. sc., Ph.D. (Bacteriology) ,Central Drug Res. Inst. (CDRI), Lucknow, UP.

Subjects in M. V. Sc.

Major                                      :     Bacteriology, Immunology and virology

Minor-                                     :     General Pathology

Fellowships-                          :      Senior Research Fellowship for Ph. D (ICAR)

                                                  :     Merit Scholarship in M. V. Sc.

Title of the Ph.D. Thesis:     Studies on the effect of Interferon on the Malignancy of the Microbial cells.

Title of the M.V.Sc. Thesis: Studies on the occurrence of Enteric Organisms of public Health Importance (Shigella and Salmonella) in man and animals.

Past Employment Record: Professorand Head from 1988 till retirement, University of Veterinary Department of Microbiology & Immunology Sciences, Mathura UP,India      

  • Professor from 1988 till Date.
  • Associate Professor 1983 – 1988.
  • Lecturer/Asstt. Professor 1973-1974, 1978-1983.

Professional Specialization   :    Microbiology, Immunology and Biotechnology

Educational Empowerment   :    Establishment of Dept’s: M.Sc., Biotech; Immunology &Microbio; PhD, etc. 


  • Nourished B.Sc Biotech and establishment of M.Sc Biotech., in 2011.
  • Initiated PhD course in Biotechnology & Microbiology, in 2011.
  • Establishment of Department of Microbiology & Immunology with M.ScMicrobiology, in 2014.
  • Framed research Groups to nourish research in dept. of Biotech &Microbiology, 2011-till date.
  • MOU withleadingresearch Institutions of ICMR & ICAR.
  • Member of anti-ragging cell from Biotechnology department.
  • Chairman of Western UP & coordinator of other centers in National Forum of Energy, environment & sustainable development. 


  • Dean- Establishment of College of Biotechnology
  • Nodal Officer – College of Biotechnology
  • Director – Placement and Training of Graduated and Postgraduates Std.
  • Chairman – University House Allotment Committee.
  • Estate Officer- University.
  • Secretary – The Board of veterinary Faculty
  • Counselor – Cricket/ Basketball
  • In–Charge- Internship
  • Member of Academic Council
  • Chairman - furnishing new campus of the university. 

Present Status:     Professor and Head Biotech.; Immunology &Microbiology,GLA University,  FROM 1.9.2009

Recognition at National and International levels:

  1. Appreciation Letter for Teaching & Research.
  2. Shri Ram LalAggrawal National Award for Research Work.
  3. Fellow of Society of Immunology & Immunopathology (SIIP).
  4. Leading Health Professional of World 2011 by Int. Biographical Center, Cambridge, England.

Other Activities:

  • Expert member for Chrone’s disease project ICMR.
  • Member of consortium Advisory Committee of National Agricultural Innovation Project (NAIP)
  • Entitled “Serological Diversity and molecular Characterization of Dichelobacternodosus and development of vaccine against virulent footroot”, Component – 4 (BSR), ICAR, New Delhi.
  • Life membership / Member of editorial board of National Journals.
  • Member of Selection Committees including public service commission.
  • Attended Several National and International Seminars/ Conferences /Symposium for presenting research and lead papers.
  • Founder member of Giants International group of Mathura city.              


SUBJECTS TAUGHTBacteriology, Virology & Immunology Including Biotechnology

         • Under Graduate

         • Post Graduate

         • Ph. D Courses

         • Guide for M.V.Sc., M.Sc, MDS and Ph.D.



  •         Cytokines and their role in immunomodulation.
  •          Use of molecular biology in detection of microbes. 


(I)                PROJECT  IN-CHARGE- Niche area OF  Excellence Research Project “Rural Livestok Production Augmentation through disease monitoring and health intervention” ICAR, New Delhi From 2007 for 5 years.


The programmer is mainly dwelt upon the development of basic practical for study of biomoleculeslike cytokines to differentiate vaccinated and the recovered and infected cattle. Five economically backwarddistricts were selected and evaluated for economic status and health interventions were adopted in four villages. Research work was conducted on cytokines and IBR and FMD virus for molecular epidemiology and further condition selection for vaccine development is continued. 


The chair appreciated the good work done on cytokines and suggested more emphasis on livestock production and augmentation through disease monitoring and health intervention. The chairman advised some modification with respect to title and objectives of the programmer and asked the center to give move focus on cytokine based research in disease diagnosis and control.

(I)                MENTOR  -Effect of Ocimum Sanctum and Argemone Extracts on the induction of cytokines and their biological Characterization. 2005—2008 DST Project, New Delhi.


To know the Scientific Validity for the possible role of O. sanctum and ArgimoneMaxicanaas an immunomodulators and antimicrobial through cytokines regulation. 


  1. IFN-gamma, IL-2 and TNF alpha were found to be increased in the serum of O. sanctum fed rats. Its use also enhanced the lymphocyte proliferation. Results showed potentiality of O. sanctum as an antiviral, antibacterial and anticancerous as enhancer of immune responses.
  2. Argimonemaxicana stimulated IL 10 exhibiting its use in cell mediated response based disorders
  3. Keeping the results in mind cytokine based screening of eight other medicinal plants are in process with the view to develop a medicinal plants garden in the university. 

(II)             PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR – Vaccine strategies for prevention of bacterial diarrhoea in neonatal calves.2002—2004 NATP, ICAR project, New Delhi. 


  1. To determine attributes of virulence and immunogenic components of E. coli and Salmonella to develop methodologies for identification of virulent E.coli.
  2. To select the seed vaccine strains of E.coli for the development of vaccine against neonatal diarrhea. 

(III)          Rural Livestock Production Augmentation through disease monitoring and health intervention. [2007 for five years, ICAR Project, New Delhi.] 

(IV)          PROJECT AT HAND:

Evidence based support for efficacy of homeopathic remedy, “Nux vomica” through pharmacological studies and elucidation of its mechanism of action using Gene Expression profiling.         [2014 for 2015 for one and half year, AYUSH, New Delhi.] 


  1. Identification of non O157 verotoxigenicE.coli serotypes and sharing of verotoxigenic genes between O157, verotoxigenic and non O157 verotoxigenicE.coli isolated during study.
  2. Development of mouse paw test for demonstration of verotoxin.
  3. Development of polyvalent k99+ E.coli vaccine: heat killed, formalin killed formalized adjuvant vaccines and selection of formalin zed adjuvant vaccine for field trial on the basis of results and challenged test for prevention of diarrhea in neonates.  


(1)   Screening, isolation, identification and characterization of local water algal species forits effective use in oil productivity:-Rs 5 lakh.Submitted to UGC under Minor Research Project. 



  1. Ph.D  : 6+5(Under Guidance) 11
  2. M.V.Sc : 28
  3. M.Sc Students from other universities admitted for dissertation projects in microbiology, biotechnology and biochemistry: 30


  1. Ph.D (pathology): 1
  2. M.V.Sc (Pathology, Pharmacology):2+2 


  1. Research work on phenotyping, genotyping of mycobacteria was carried in the collaboration with Dr. V.M. KATOCH, DIRECTOR JALMA, Presently Director General, ICMR New Delhi.
  2. Work on Bovine Immunodeficiency virus (BIV) was carried in collaboration with Dr. H.K Pradhan, Director HSDL , presently National WHO Consultant, New Delhi.
  3. In collaboration with pharmaceutical companies on screening of drugs against  mycobacteria (Ranbaxy –Dr. Burman Scientist in R&D, Chemobiotic KolkataLavleen Gupta Science in R&D on immunosuppressive effect of Argimonemaxicana leaves extract and role of cytokines.     


1. Professor D.S. Chauhan, Vice Chancellor, G.L.A University, 17 Km Stone, NH-2, Mathura.

e-mail: vc@g la.ac.in, Mob.09557888181 

2. Professor M.L. Madan, Ex. Vice Chancellor,Duvasu, Mathura,

e-mail: mlmadan@hotmail.com, Mob. 09896017878

3. Dr. S.K Garg, Ex vice chancellor, DUVASU Mathura, Director,College of Applied Education and Health Sciences, Gangotri, Roorkee Road, Meerut, U.P.

Tele Fax: 0121-2610781 , 2610200 , 2610033

Residence: 96 RanjanKunj, Opp.6th Battalion of pal Roorke Road, meerut, Tele: 0121-26454613,

Mob: 9412738548, E-mail: shri.garg@rediffmail.com

4. Dr. M.P Yadav, Ex Vice Chancellor,SaradarBallabhBhai Patel University,Meerut.

E-mail: yadav_mp@hatmail.com, Mob-09719007112 


  1. Organizing secretary / Coordinator-TheNational Conference on Phytomedicine: An Atternate to Modern Medicine & Its Molecular Expression, 16-17th Feb., 2013
  2. Coordinator- Trainings on “Advanced Diagnostic Procedures on genital infections” to the field veterinary officers.2007-09
  3. Organizing secretary / Coordinator-the national training cum workshop on cytokine assay 26th – 27th Feb, 2008,
  4. Summer institute on isolation and identification of mycoplasma from animals, plants and humans, Oct-Nov 1985
  5. Summer institute in prevention and control of Genital infections of Cattle, Buffalo& Goat, June 16th to Jul. 11th 1980.
  6. Summer institute in Infectious Abortion In Live Stock, From June 5th to July 1st 1978.


 Director- ICAR sponsored: International Training on Regulation of Cytokines In Host Defense Mechanism, Nov. 2009. (Not executed due to retirement) 





  1. Laboratory Manual For detection enterotoxingenicE.coli (ETEC) and diagnosis of ete induced Diarrhea part –I Bacteriological and serological Procedures.
  2. Laboratory Manual for Biochemistry & hematological changes occurring in diarrheic calves. Part – II
  3. Laboratory Manual for Detection of verotoxigenicE.coli (VTEC) and Diagnosis of ETEC Induced Diarrhea Part – III Bacteriological and Serological Procedures.
  4. Laboratory manual for Veterinary Virology.
  5. Laboratory manual for immunology.
  6. Laboratory manual for general Bacteriology.
  7. Training Manual for Advanced Diagnostic Procedures on Genital Infections.
  8. Compendium on Cytokines.


  1. Isolation of Shigella serotypes from Zoo animals and birds.
  2. Isolation of about 12dozen salmonella serotypes from different hosts.
  3. Seroprevalence of BIV-1
  4. Development of a capsid based competitive inhibition enzyme linked immunosorbantasay for detection of bovine immunodeficiency virus antibodies in cattle and buffalo serum.
  5. Prokaryotic expression of a 75-bp capsid region of bovine immunodeficiency virus gag gene and development of a recombinant capsid p(26) protein based immunoassay for seroprevalence studies.
  6. Role of ArgimoneMaxicana in immune logical disorders with reference to INF –gamma, interleukin 10,Interleukin 2 induction by m-RA expression.

Research Publications:

  1. S. Gupta, K.K. Chaubey, S.V. Singh, A.K. Bhatia, N. Kumar, A. Goel, T.K. Sachan, K.D. Rawat, J.S. Sohal and K. Dhama. Immunoreactivity to culture filtrate proteins of Mycobacterium avium Subspecies paratuberculosis in naturally infected goat and sheep sera. Adv. In Animal & Vet. Sci., Vol. 3 (1): 1-7, 2015.
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 Abstracts & Papers presented in National/ International Conferences 

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Note: 40 Others. 

Total No. of research Papers presented in different Conference: 86

A.K. Bhatia

Place: Mathura, U.P. INDIA,  Date: 27th May 2015


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