Faculty Profile

Dr. Basant Lal
Asstt. Professor
Institute of Applied Science & Humanities

Contact Details:

Email: basant.lal@gla.ac.in
Contact Number: 9415972016

Area of Research Interest

  • .Electrocatalysis, Corrosion, fuel cell, Green synthesis of nanoparticles for medical applications. 

Education Qualifications

2002       Ph.D ( Physical Chemistry) Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, India.

1996     M.Sc. (First div.) in Inorganic Chemistry, U.P. College Varanasi  ( affiliated to Purvanchal Univ. Jaunpur)  

1994     B.Sc. (First div.) in Chemistry, U.P. College Varanasi  ( affiliated to Purvanchal Univ. Jaunpur) 

Teaching Experience: ~12 Years (Including 6 years in GLA group) 

2003-04   Lecturer    Dr. Ghanshyam Singh Degree College, Soyepur, Varanasi 

2004-06   Lecturer    Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidyapeeth, Varanasi 

2006-08   Lecturer   Mahatma Gandhi Chitrakoot Gramodhay Vishwavidhyalaya Satna M.P.

2008-09   Lecturer   United College of Engineering and Research, Naini Allahabad  

2009-10  Asst. Professor   GLA Institute of Technology & Management, Mathura  

2010-11 Asst. Professor   GLNA Institute of Technology, Mathura  

2011-till date   Asst. Professor   GLA University, Mathura               

Research Experience: 19 years (Including 6 years during Ph.D .) 


  •  In synthesis of transition metal mixed oxides with spinel and perovskite families employed in electrocatalysis of water, fuel cells, etc.
  •  In development of composite conducting polymer electrodes for electrochemical reduction of organic pollutants,
  • In development of corrosion resistant Zn and Zn-alloys coating on mild steel rebar in reinforced concrete.
  • In interpretation of data based on XRD, TGA/DTA, CV, Tafel and impedance techniques, etc.


  • Project Fellow BHU   (D.S.T. New Delhi)                                   
  • Senior Research Fellow BHU (D.S.T. New Delhi)                  
  • Senior Research Fellow (Ext) BHU (C.S.I.R. New Delhi)      
  • Research Associate BHU (C.S.I.R. New Delhi)  

Other Responsibilities:

  • Worked as an N.S.S. Officer in GLNA Institute of Technology, Mathura.
  • Worked as a Chemistry laboratory In-charge in GLNA Institute of Technology, Mathura.
  • Worked as a Class Advisor for 8 times.
  • Working as a Dy. NSS Coordinator in GLA University.
  • Working as a mentor for students of  B.Tech. First Year. 

Research Proposal Submitted: A project entitled “Phytofabrication and characterization of Au, TiO2 and nanoparticles with their biomedical applications” submitted to CSIR  on 27/08/2015 as a Co-Principal Investigator. 



Book Publication: 02                                                                                                                                                                                          

  • 1. Engineering Chemistry,  Educational Publishers, Agra, India  (2015).
  • 2. Environment & Ecology, Educational Publishers, Agra, India  (2015). 

Research Publications: 13

 Total Citation: 207                                                        Total Impact Factor: 36 

Aromatic amines and hydrazides as corrosion inhibitors for paper-pulps industry, M.A. Quraishi, Ishtiaque Ahmad, B.Lal and Vakil Singh, The Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering, 34 (2009) 87 (Citation by in Scopus = Not found) 

  • N-(Pperidinomethyl)-3-[(pyridylidene)amino]isatine: A new and effective acid corrosion inhibitor for mild steel, M.A. Quraishi, Ishtiaque Ahmad, Ashish Kumar Singh Sudhish Kumar Shukla, B.Lal and Vakil Singh Materials Chemistry and Physics, 112 (2008)1035 (Cited in Scopus = 41)
  • Preparation and Characterization of CuFe2-xCrxO4 (0≤ x ≤1.0) nano spinels for electrocatalysis  of oxygen evolution in alkaline solutions, R.N. Singh, J.P. Singh, B. Lal, A.Singh; Int. J. of Hydrogen Energy, 32 (2007)11   (Cited by in Scopus = 07).
  • New NiFe2-xCrxO4 spinel films for O2 evolution in alkaline solution, R.N. Singh, J.P. Singh, B. Lal, M.J.K. Thomos and S. Bera, Electrochimica Acta, 51 (2006) 5515. (Cited by in Scopus = 22).
  • Transport behaviour of Cl- in composite films of polypyrrole and CoFe2O4  obtained for oxygen reduction. M. Malviya, J.P. Singh, B.Lal, and R. N. Singh;  J. New Mat. Electrochem Sys 8(3) (2005) 221. (Citation by in Scopus = Not found)
  • Electrocatalytic behavious of perovskite-type La1-xSrxCoO3 (0 ≤ x ≤ 0.4) obtained by a novel stearic acid sol-gel method for electrocatalysis of O2 evolution in KOH solutions. B. Lal, M.K. Raghunandan, M. Gupta and R.N. Singh Int. J. Hydrogen Energy , 30 (2005) 723.  (Cited by in Scopus = 12).
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  • Sol-gel derived spinel MxCo3-xO4 (M = Ni, Cu; 0 ≤ x ≤ 1) films and oxygen evolution. R.N. Singh, J. P. Pandey, N. K. Singh, B. Lal, P. Chartier and  J. F.Koenig; Electrochimica Acta, 45(2000) 1911. (Cited by in Scopus = 48).
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  • 36th Annual Convention of Chemists held at Calcutta during December  1999. International conference on Emerging challenges in Sciences held at United College of Engineering at Naini Allahabad on 13-14 Nov. 2008.


  • National symposium on “organic synthesis: retrospect or prospect” held in the Department of Chemistry, Banaras Hindu University during January 19-20, 2001.
  • Course on Fuel Cell-Principles and Applications sponsored by D.S.T. New Delhi, held from June 17-22, 2002 at the Department of Chemistry, Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, Chennai.& Centre for Energy Research Spic Science Foundation, Chennai.
  • “Chemistry from molecule to supramolecules” held in the Department of Chemistry, Banaras Hindu University during February 28-March 01, 2003.
  • National conference on Chemistry for the development of newer materials held in the Department of Chemistry, Banaras Hindu University during February, 2004.
  • National symposium on prevention of corrosion in steel structure. Held at NML Jamshedpur on 14-15 Dec. 2004.
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