Faculty Profile

Dr. Nirbhay Kumar Mishra
Asstt. Professor
Institute of Applied Science & Humanities

Contact Details:

Email: nirbhay.mishra@gla.ac.in
Contact Number: 9335427767

Present Address:                 Faculty Residence Block VIII, 401, GLA University Mathura, 281001
Permanent Address:           538 Ka/121, Vivek Nagar, Dalignaj Railway Crossing,Lucknow, PIN: 206020, Uttar Pradesh, INDIA
Nationality:                             Indian
Date of Birth:                         19th May 1982
Gender:                                    Male
Marital Status:                        Married  
Cell Phone:                             +91-9335427767
2012 PhD. In Business Ethics Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, INDIA Awarded 7.33 CPI

M. A. In Philosophy

(Specialization in Ethics)

University of Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, INDIA 68 %
2002 N.E.T. In Philosophy

University Grants Commission, New Delhi, INDIA

Eligibility for Lectureship

2001 B. A. In History & Philosophy University of Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, INDIA  
Teaching Experience (5 Years and 8 Months ) 

Dec. 2008- July 2009- Tutor , Department of Humanities & Social Sciences, IIT Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, INDIA 

Aug. 2009- Feb. 2012 - Assistant Professor, Department of Applied Sciences and Humanities, GLNAIT, Mathura, INDIA

Feb. 2012- Till date- Assistant Professor,Professional Ethics,Institute of Applies Sciences & Humanities,GLA University, Mathura, INDIA 

Working on All the Responsibilities of My department with dedication and Hard Work for last Five Years. 

Courses Taught: As Tutor at IIT Kanpur,Introduction to Philosophy,Ethics & Society 

As Assistant Professor: At GLA University, Justice: What’s Right Thing to Do? Human Values & Professional Ethics, Life Skill: Thinking Engineering,Ethics & Values, Engineering Ethics

Courses Designed:

  1. Ethics & Values
  2. Thinking Engineering
  3. Justice: What’s Right Thing to Do? 

Research and Academic Administration: 

Selected Publications: International 

  1. Book: 1) Mishra Nirbhay & Tiwari N. Bhupendra (2011), On the Philosophy of QuantumKnowledge: Thesis of Experiences and Theory of Goodwill, LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing, Germany.ISBN-13: 978-3846500316 
  2. Paper: 2) Mishra Kr. Nirbhay & Singh Amerendra (2012),Sense and Meaning: A Second Order Analysis of Language, Canadian Center of Science & Education, English Language Teaching Vol. 5.
  3. Mishra Kr. Nirbhay & Singh Amerendra (2012), Language: A Performative Speech, LANGUAGE IN INDIA 
  4. Mishra Kr. Nirbhay & Singh Amerendra (2013), Moral Fitness in Business Communication , International Journal of Business and Management,Vol. 8,No. 8, April 2013 


  1. Common Ground Publishing, 2001 South First Street, Suite 202 Champaign, IL 61820 USA 
  2. Africa Development and Resources Research Institute (ADRRI) South Africa 

Deputy Editor in Chief in International Journals: 

  1. Research Chronicler: International Multidisciplinary Research Journal ISSN:2347-503X Barns College of Arts, Science & Commerce, University of Mumbai. 
  2. National Press Associates: New Delhi 


  1. International Journal of Business Quantitative Economics and Applied Management Research 


Student Development & Institute Building: Administrative Roles 

Youth Development: Personality, Cultural, Sports and Professional Skill Enhancement@ GLA University for Last Five Years 

  1. Student Counseling , Since August 2009
  2. GLA Premier League (Student Connect Program): August 2013 Developed Student connect program through Cricket Premier League. Worked on whole logistics, structure and operations to start this cricket league project. This grand successful student connect program has become a tradition in the University.
  3. President Cricket Club: July 2013 
  4. Youth Strong : ( Connecting more than 1500 Students On Campus): January 2014 
  5. Mentor: Maitree National Sports Meet, December 2013
  6. Mentor Research Group: August 2013
  7. Head : Srijan “Building The Youth” , January 2014
  8. Mentor: Smile & Udan Student Groups, 2012
  9. Mentor: Art of Living: 2013
  10. Mentor: Training & Placement, 2009
  11. Faculty Coordinator: 2012-13
  12. Mentor Faculty Cultural Exchange Program, August 2013

Lecture & Workshop Organized:

  1. A Lecture on Critical Rationality at GLA University, March 2012.
  2. A Workshop on Research Methodology at GLA University, December 2011.
  3. A Lecture on Higher Order Thinking at GLA University, March 2011.
  4. A Lecture on Moral Personality at GLA University, August 2010 

Potential Abilities: (Academic & Administrative to the University Development) 

  1. I can teach and guide research students of the Management Department in the area of General Management.
  2. I can work for the strategic management issues related to the student development & welfare.
  3. I can work for the Institute Development through, International Networking, Academic Relationship and Online Educational Ventures.
  4. I can establish a student based academic advertising management system working for Institute advertising, Admission Program and Student capacity & Professional Skills Development.
  5. I can develop a psychological/counseling lab for the betterment of Student academic & Hostel life. 

Courses Successfully Completed: At Doctoral Level

  1. Ethical Theories
  2. Modern Logic 
  3. Wittgenstein
  4. Philosophy of Mind
  5. Sociological Theory
  6. Sociological Theory in Late Twentieth Century
  7. Corporation State & Globalization
  8. Organization Structure & Behavior

At Masters Level:   Ethics

  1. Selected Classics (Indian Philosophy)
  2. History of Philosophy: Rationalism, Empiricism and Idealism Logic: Formal and Informal Logic 
  3. Problems of Knowledge: Theories of Knowledge and Skepticism Social and Political Philosophy
  4. Philosophy of Religion
  5. Selected Classics (Western Philosophy): Metaphysics and Epistemology

 Research Interests: Professional Ethics, English Language Teaching, Soft-Skill & PersonalityDevelopment Corporate Ethics, Philosophy of Management (Corporate Intentionality, Corporate Decision Making, Corporate Personhood), Business Ethics (Professional Autonomy & Integrity, Corporate Accountability, Engineering Ethics (Moral Creativity, Value of Technology, and Moral Leadership, Life skills, Creativity, Rationalization & Problem-solving 

Current Research Interests:Action Theory, Theory of Rights, & Decision Theory, Moral Agency, Freewill & Rationality, Ethical Approaches: Teleological, Deontological & Virtue Theory, Moral Personhood, Ethical Decision Making & Theory of Moral Responsibility, Corporate Moral Agency & Personhood: Collective Rationality & Collective Intentionality, Application of Ethical Theories in Professional Decision Making 

Paper Presented in International Conference 

1)      Corporate Social Responsibility: Reconciling the Extremes’ Sixth International Conference on Corporate Social Responsibility, organized by University of Technology MARA, Malaysia, 11-14 June 2007.

Conferences & Seminars 

  1. A paper on Corporation as a Real Entity community’ has been submitted and accepted by the DePaul University for the presentation in the Philosophy of Management International Conference 2014, Chicago. 
  2. A paper on Corporation as a Member of the Moral community’ has been submitted and accepted by the St Anne's College, Oxford University for the presentation in the 8th Philosophy of Management International Conference 2012.
  3. A paper on ‘The Corporation as a Real entity’ has been submitted and accepted in the stream of Management and Economics by the Universidad Abat Oliba CEU, Barcelona, Spain in the Social sciences Conference 2012.
  4. A paper on Ethical Engineering: From Self Exploration to Social Evolution’ was submitted to, and accepted by the World Federation of Engineering Organizations (WFEO/FMOI), for presentation in the Second International Conference on Ethics and Human Values in Engineering (ICEHVE’ 10), 2-4 March 2010, Spain.
  5. A paper on Corporation in Crisis: What can we infer From Our Understanding of Organization?’ was submitted to, and accepted by the St Anne's College, Oxford University, for presentation in the Fifth International Philosophy of Management Conference, 23 - 26 July 2009.
  6. A paper on ‘Corporate Accountability’ was submitted to, and accepted by University of Athens for presentation in the 4th International Interdisciplinary Conference, in Economics and Management Stream, 7-9 July 2009.
  7. A Paper on Corporate Crisis has was submitted to, and accepted by University of South Africa, for the presentation in 8th International conference on Corporate Social Responsibility, 8-10 September 2009, Cape Town.
  8. A paper proposal was submitted to, and accepted by ICEBM for the 2009 International Conference on Economics Business, management and Marketing, October 9 -11, 2009, Singapore.
  9. A paper on ‘Corporate Social Responsibility: Reconciling the Extremes’ was submitted to, and accepted by, Granada University, Granada, Spain, for presentation in the Second International Interdisciplinary Conference, June 2007.
  10. Attended a lecture on Philosophy of Religion: Panentheisms East & West by Professor Philip Clayton organized by Indian Philosophy of Research Council at Academic Center, Lucknow on 10 January 2009.
  11. Participated in the Global HR Summit, 8-9 Oct 2006, organized by Amity, Business School, Noida.
  12. Participated in a National Seminar on Dharma, Virtue and Morality: The Indian Ideal of Human Perfection, 23-25 Nov-2005, jointly organized by Christ Church College, Kanpur and Indian Council of Philosophical Research, New Delhi. 

Working Books & Papers:

  1. The Moral Status of Corporations: A Study of the Notion of Corporate Moral Personhood
  2.  Cultural Elements in Language
  3. Deep Shift in Deep Culture: Indo-American Cocktail a Moral Quandary
  4. Corporation as a reality

Professional Experience: 

  • Cultural Secretary, Department of Philosophy, University of Lucknow, 2002-2003
  • Representative Departmental Post Graduate Committee Humanities and Social Sciences Department, IIT Kanpur, 2008-2009
  • Mentor of B. Tech Final Year Student at GLA Institute of Management and Technology, Mathura, 2010
  • Faculty Coordinator, August 2009 to July 2010
  • Counselor Faculty & Student, Jan 2012 to July 2012 

Membership in Professional Societies

  1. Common Ground Publishing, USA
  2. Social Responsibility Research Network, UK,
  3. Indian Council for Philosophical Research
  4. English Language Teaching Association India, Chennai 


1) Bijoy. H. Boruah, Professor of Philosophy, Department of Humanities and Social Sciences Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, Email: boruah@iitk.ac.in Contact no: 09717049651 

2)   C.A. Tomy, Professor of Philosophy, Department of Humanities and Social Sciences Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, Email: catomy[at]hss.iitd.ac.in, Contact No: Tel: +91-11-2659-1403 (O) 

3)  A K Sharma Professor of Sociology, Department of Humanities & Social Sciences,Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur 208 016, INDIA, Contact No: (Home) +91-512-2598336; (Office) +91-512-2597946 Em

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