Faculty Profile

Dr. Atul Bansal
Associate Professor
Institute of Engineering and Technology
Department of Electronics & Communications

Contact Details:

Email: atul.bansal@gla.ac.in

Contact Number: 9760001881

Area of Research Interest

Biometrics, Image processing.


Educational Qualifications

  • Ph.D. (Electronics & Communication)

Thapar University, Patiala (Year-2015)


  • M.Tech(Power Electronics, Electrical machines and Drives )

(CGPA = 8.587)  

Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi.  (Year-2002)


  • B.Tech.(Electronics and Communication)

(First division, 71%)

G.Z.S College of Engineering and Technology, Bathinda. (Year-2001)


Professional Experience

  • Working as Associate Professor at G.L.A. University, Mathura,(U.P) since 01st oct 2011.
  • Worked as a Reader at G.L.A. Institute Of Technology and Management, Mathura,(U.P) since 25th Jan 2008 to 30th Sep 2011.
  • Worked as a Sr. Lecturer at G.L.A. Institute Of Technology and Management, Mathura,(U.P) since 28th Mar 2007 to 24th Jan 2008.
  • Worked as a Lecturer at G.L.A. Institute Of Technology and Management, Mathura,(U.P) since 20th Jan 2003 to 27th Mar 2007.


Research Publications

Inter-national Journal

  1. Bansal, A., Agarwal, R., Sharma, R.K., “Statistical Feature Extraction Based Iris Recognition System” Springer’s SADHANA, vol. 41(5), 507-518, June, 2016(SCI indexed; 2014 IF = 0.476)
  2. Bansal, A., Agarwal, R., Sharma, R.K., “Determining Diabetes Using Iris Recognition System” Springer’s International Journal of Diabetes in Developing Countries, vol. 35(4), 432-438, December, 2015 (SCI indexed; 2014 IF = 0.343)
  3. Singh, D., Bansal, A., Bansal, N., “A Review on Optical Character Recognition Using Various Techniques” Journal of Basic and Applied Engineering Research, vol. 2(2), 136-139, Jan-March, 2015.
  4. Bansal, A., Agarwal, R., Sharma, R.K., “Predicting Gender Using Iris Images”  Research Journal of Recent Sciences, vol. 3(4), 20-26, April, 2014(Indexing: ISI (Thomson Reuters), Zoological Record (Thomson Reuters ))
  5. Bansal, N., Deolia, V.K., Bansal, A. and Pathak, P. “Performance evaluation of LSB Technique for Digital Watermarking”, International Journal of Information & Communication Technology (IJICT): Volume 4, No. 13, pp. 1237-1244, 2014.

Inter-national Conference

  1. Bansal N., Bansal A., Deolia V.K., Pathak P., “Comparative Analysis of Digital Watermarking Techniques” Proceedings of the Springer’s International Congress on Information and Communication Technology, Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing 438, DOI 10.1007/978-981-10-0767-5_13, 2016.
  2. Singh. D., Khan. A., Bansal. A., Bansal. A., “An Application of SVM in Character Recognition with Chain Code’’, Proceedings of IEEE International conference on “Communication Control and Intelligent System: CCIS-2015” , 7-8 November, 2015, Mathura.
  3. Singh D., Bansal A. and Bansal N., “Optical Character Recognition Using Artificial Neural Network as Classifier”, in the Proceedings of 2nd International Conference on VLSI, Communication and Networks(VCAN-2015), IET Alwar, 18-19 April, 2015.
  4. Bansal N., Bansal A., Deolia V.K., Pathak P., “Comparative Analysis of LSB, DCT, and DWT for Digital Watermarking”, Proceeding of 9th  INDIACom, INDIACom 2015, 2nd IEEE International Conference on Computing for Sustainable Global Development, pp. 2.1-2.6, March 11-13, 2015
  5. Bansal N., Deolia V.K., Bansal A., Pathak P., “Digital Image Watermarking Using Least Significant Bit Technique in Different Positions”, Proceeding of Sixth IEEE International Conference on Computational Intelligence and Communication Networks, pp. 813-818, Nov. 14-16, 2014
  6. Priyanka Varshney, Atul Bansal, Omar Farooq, “Phoneme Confusability Reduction by Using Visual Information in Noisy Environment,” Proc. of IEEE International Conference on Signal Propagation and Computer Technology, pp. 476-481, 2014
  7. Bansal, A., Agarwal, R., Sharma, R.K., “SVM Based Gender Classification using Iris Images” Proceedings of 4th IEEE, International Conference on Computational Intelligence and Communication Networks, 2012, CICN’12, G.L.A. University, Mathura, pp.425-429, 3rd-5th November, 2012
  8. Bansal, A., Agarwal, R., Sharma, R.K., “FAR and FRR based Analysis of Iris Recognition System” Proceedings of IEEE, International Conference on Signal Processing, Computing and Control, 2012, ISPCC’12, Jaypee University of Information Technology, Waknaghat, pp. 1-6, 15th-17th March, 2012
  9. Bansal, A., Agarwal, R., Sharma, R.K., “Trends in Iris recognition algorithms” Proceedings of IEEE, 4th  Asia International Conference on mathematical modeling & simulation, 2010, AMS’10, Kota Kinnabalu, pp. 337-340, 26th-28th May, 2010
  10. Atul Bansal; Rochak Bajpai; J.P. Saini, “Simulation of Image Enhancement Techniques Using Matlab” Proceedings of IEEE First Asia International Conference on modeling & simulation, 2007, AMS’07, Phuket, Thailand, 27th-31st March,2007, pp. 296-301
  11. Bansal A., Chatterjee J.K., Sarkar D., “ Performance Evaluation of Synchronous Impedance Controller based Self Excited Induction Generator System” Proceedings of IEEE Power India Conference, 10th-12th April,2006, pp. 757-762.

National Conference


  1. Bansal, A., Agarwal, R., Sharma, R.K., “An iris recognition based health examination system” Proceedings of 3rd National Conference on Advances in Metrology, ADMET-2014, Thapar. University, Mathurapp.63-64, 19th-21st February, 2014
  2. Presented a paper on “1ex EV-DV” at National Conference Unearthing Technological Developments & their transfer for serving masses held at G.L.A. Institute of Technology & Management, Mathura.
  3. Presented a Paper on “Electric Drives In Industrial Automation” at Regional Tech-Confrence-2004 at G.L.A. Institute of Tech & Mgt. Mathura.


Professional Body Membership

  • Member IEEE.
  • Member Metrology Society of India.
  • Member ICEIT


Thesis Guided



        Awarded/Completed     :               00

        Ongoing                               :           02




        Awarded/Completed     :               03

        Ongoing                               :           01




        Awarded/Completed     :               11

        Ongoing                               :           01




  • Awarded Best paper award at 3rd National Conference on Advances in Metrology, ADMET-2014, Thapar University, Patiala, 19th-21st February 2014.


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Advance training programme on Unified Trailing Learning Kit

 Wipro Ltd.

Wipro Ltd. bangalore

25th  Feb., 2013 –  27th Feb., 2013 


 Unified Training Learning Kit

 Wipro Ltd.

BIT Merrut

23rd  Aug, 2012 –  25th Aug, 2012 


PLC (Programmable Logic Controller)And its Applications

Technical Teachers Training Institute, Chandigarh

01 Dec, 2003 – 05 Dec, 2003)


Promoting Quality in Higher Technical Education


ABV-IIITM, Gwalior








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