Faculty Profile

Prof. Ashish Sharma
Professor, Chief Proctor and Associate Dean Academics
Institute of Engineering and Technology
Department of Computer Engineering & Applications

Contact Details:

Email: ashish.sharma@gla.ac.in
Contact Number: 9412353562

Research Area

 Software Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Software Project Management


 16 Years

 Teaching - 14 Years

Industry - 2 Years


 §    Ph.D

“Early Estimation of Software Complexity, Development Effort and Testing Effort

from IEEE SRS Document”

Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology Allahabad, Allahabad, India

Doctor of Philosophy: Computer Science & Engineering

May, 2013

 §   M. Tech.

Computer Science & Engineering

Uttar Pradesh Technical University, Lucknow, India


 §   B.E.

Computer Science & Engineering

Shivaji University, Kolhapur


Teaching and Research Experience

§    Professor: October 2013 till date

§    Associate Professor: May 2012 to October 2013

Department of Computer Engineering & Applications, GLA University, Mathura

§    Reader: May 2006  to May 2012

Department of Computer Science & Engineering

GLA University, Mathura

§    Lecturer: March 2000 to May 2006

Department of Computer Science & Engineering

GLA University, Mathura

§    Industry: July 1998 to February 2000, Senior Officer, SystemsTCIL, Chennai

Research Details

Ph.D. Thesis               One (pursuing) Harsimran Kaur       Comprehensive Examination done

M. Tech. Thesis (Supervised / Under Supervision)





Thesis Title




Name of Candidate



Estimation   of   Software   Maintenance   Effort from SRS Document




Bhuvnesh Kumar



Estimation    of    Software    Complexity    for

Distributed Software Development




Apoorva Saxena



An     approach      for      QoS      based      fault

reconfiguration       in        Service       Oriented





Saurabh Srivastava



A   measure   for   Test   Effort   Estimation   in

Regression Testing




Abhilasha Varshney



A  measure  for  estimation  of  complexity  of software change




Ankit Bharadwaj



Ranking    and    Prioritization    of    Software

Requirements      using      Machine      Learning





Deepali Singh



An   approach   for   component   customization using cohesion and coupling




Saumya Tripathi




A  measure  for  test  case  prioritization  using regression testing




Abhilasha Varshney



Classification of Software Project Risk factors using Machine Learning Approach




Prerna Chaudhary



A Service Selection Algorithm based on QoS of

Web Services




Parul Khullar



Identification    and    Analysis    of    Effective

Software Metrics for defect pre4diction using

Structural Equation Modelling




Nikita Gupta




In the area of Non Functional Requirements




Prateek Singh



Analyzing the impact of risk during requirement engineering




Ruchi Agrawal




In the area of Software Design






Roles & Responsibilities

§    Member, Academic Council, GLA University, Mathura

§    Convener, Curriculum Development Cell, GLA University, Mathura

§    Chief Proctor, GLA University Mathura

§    SPoC, Infosys Campus Connect Program

§    President, Basket Ball Club, GLA University, Mathura

§    Member,  Board  of  Studies  of  Computer  Engg  &  Applications,  GLA  University, Mathura

§    Member, Computer Society of India, Mathura Chapter

§    Had been Member, Court, GLA University, Mathura

§    Had been Program Co-ordinator of CSE & IT from July 2000 to July 2008

§    Had been Program Co-ordinator of MCA from July 2003 to July 2004


§    Attended two days workshop at Infosys Limited, Chandigarh Development Division


§    Attended Wipro Mission 10x program held at GLA University

§    Many times Conducted Faculty Development Program for GLA University especially for new faculty members

§    Organizing Chair, ISCON-2014

§    Chair for various committees in International Conferences, Management Summit held at GLA University

§    Developed Syllabus for various subjects of Computer Science & Engg. Both at UG  and PG level at GLA University Mathura

§    Chaired various session at IEEE- ISCON and  IEEE – CICN held at GLA University

International Publication

    Ashish  Sharma,  Manu  Vardhan  and  Dharmender  Singh  Kushwaha,  “A  Versatile Approach for the Estimation of Software Development Effort Based on SRS Document”,   International   Journal   of   Software   Engineering   and   Knowledge Engineering  (IJSEKE),Volume  24,  Issue  01,  February  2014,  pp.  1  -  42,  DOI: 10.1142/S0218194014500016

    D.  Singh  and  A.  Sharma,  “Software  Requirement  Prioritization  Using  Machine Learning,” Proceedings of 26th International Conference on Software Engineering & Knowledge Engineering, SEKE-2014, Vancouver, Canada, pp. 701-704, July 2014.

    S.  Shrivastava,  A.  Sharma,  “A  methodology  for  QoS  based  service  process reconfiguration   in   service   oriented   architecture   –   Literature   Survey”,   In   the proceedings of IEEE International Conference,  ISCON 2013, Mathura, India, pp. 180-184, 2013.

    Aprna  Tripathi,  Bhuvnesh  Kumar,  Ashish  Sharma,  Dharmender  Singh  Kushwaha "SRS Based Estimation of Software Maintenance Effort" in Proceeding of ICCCT '12 Third  International  Conference  on  Computer  and  Communication  Technology, MNNIT, Allahabad, pp 154-155.

    Ashish Sharma, D.S. Kushwaha, “A Complexity Measure based on Requirement Engineering Document”, Vol. 1 Issue 1, pp. 112- 117, Journal of Computer Science and Engineering May 2010.

    Ashish Sharma, D.S. Kushwaha, “Early Estimation of Software Complexity using Requirement Engineering Document”, Volume 35, Issue 5, ACM Sig Soft, October 2010.

    Ashish  Sharma,  D.S.  Kushwaha,  “Complexity  measure  based  on  Requirement Engineering Document: A Comprehensive Approach”, In IEEE proceedings of International Conference on Computer & Communication Technology, ICCCT 2010, Allahabad, pp 608-615.

    Ashish  Sharma,  D.S.  Kushwaha,  “Natural  Language based  Component  Extraction from Requirement Engineering Document and its Complexity Analysis”, Volume 36, Issue 1, ACM Sig Soft, January 2011.

   Ashish Sharma, D.S. Kushwaha, “An improved SRS Document based complexity estimation and its robustness analysis ”, In proceedings of Springer International Conference on Advances in Communication and Network and Computing, CNC, Bangalore , 2011, pp 111-117

   Ashish Sharma, D.S. Kushwaha, “A Metric Suite for Early Estimation of Software Testing Effort  using Requirement Engineering Document and  its validation”, 2nd IEEE International Conference on Computer and Communication Technology (ICCCT) 2011, MNNIT Allahabad,  pp 373 - 378

   Ashish Sharma, D.S. Kushwaha, “Applying Requirement based complexity for the estimation of Software Development and Testing Effort ”, Volume 37, Issue 1, ACM Sig Soft, January 2012

   Ashish Sharma, D.S. Kushwaha, “Early Estimation of Software Development Effort using             Requirement    Based    Complexity”,    Elsevier   Science   Direct,    Procedia Technology, Volume 4, pp 716 – 722, 2012

    Ashish  Sharma,  D.S.  Kushwaha,  An  Empirical  approach  for  Early Estimation  of Software Testing Effort using SRS document, Springer,  CSI Transactions on ICT, March 2013, Volume 1, Issue 1, pp 51-66.

     Ashish Sharma, D.S. Kushwaha, A Versatile Approach for the Estimation of Software Development Effort based On SRS Document, International Journal of Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering. (In Press)

    S. Shrivastava, A. Sharma, “An approach for service process reconfiguration based on QoS constraints in service oriented architecture”, 15th IEEE International Conference International Conference on Advanced Computing & Technologies  ICACT 2013, Hyderabad, India.

    P. Chaudhary, D Singh, and A. Sharma, “Classification of Software Project Risk Factors Using Machine Learning Approach,” Proceedings of International Symposium on Intelligent System Technologies and Applications, ISTA-2015, Kochi, Kerala. (Accepted for Publication)

    Niketa Gupta, Deepali Singh and Ashish Sharma, “Modeling Structural Model for Defect Categories Based on Software Metrics for Categorical Defect Prediction,” In 6th ACM International Conference on Computer and Communication Technology (ICCCT-2015),   MNNIT   Allahabad,   India,   September   2015.   (Accepted   for Publication)

    Niketa Gupta, Deepali Singh and Ashish Sharma, “Identifying Effective Software Matrics for Categorical Defect Prediction Using Structural Equation Modeling,” Proceedings of 3rd ACM International Symposium on Women in Computing & Informatics, WCI-2015, Kochi, India, pp. 59-65, August 2015

Personal Details

Father’s Name                        :          Shri S.B. Sharma

Date of Birth                          :          August 1st, 1976

Marital Status                         :          Married

Permanent Address                :          Flat # 406, Shri Krishna Paradize Apartment

                                                              2, Mayur Vihar, Mathura 281 001, UP, India


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