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Faculty Profile

Dr. Sujit Kumar Verma
Associate Professor
Institute of Engineering and Technology
Department of Mechanical Engineering

Contact Details:

Email: sujit.verma@gla.ac.in

Contact Number: 9557831312

Specific areas of specialization: Nano alloying, applied thermodynamics, Fluid Mechanics, Nanofluids, Heat Transfer, Solar Thermal.


  • 26 years Teaching/Research experience in the field of Physics, Mechanical Engineering and Nanotechnology


PhD (Sub.) 2013-14:GLA University, Mathura, U.P., India

M.Tech. Nanotechnology (2011):IIT Roorkee, Roorkee India

B.Tech. Mechanical Engineering(1990) :KNIT Sultanpur(Avadh University)



 [1] Verma S.K, Daniel B.S.S Synthesis and characterization of shape memory alloy.Cu74Zn22Al4 (wt %) (AIJAEM)2013 ISSN(PRINT)2328-3491, ISSN(Online)2328-3580

[2] Verma S.K., Tiwari A.K., Progress of Nanofluid Application in Solar Collectors: A Review, Energy Conversion and Management 100 (2015) 324–346, Publisher: Elsevier (SCI). Impact factor: 4.380, 5-year Impact factor: 4.512.

[3] S.K. Verma, A.K. Tiwari. Application of Nanoparticles in Solar collectors: A Review. Materials Today: Proceedings. 2 (2015) 3638-47.

[4]Verma S.K, Tiwari A.K, Chauhan D.S. Performance augmentation in flat plate solar collector using MgO/water nanofluid. Energy conversion and management xxx(2016)xxx-xxx. http:/dx.doi.org/10,1016/j.encomman.2016.07.007.

[5] S.K. Verma, A.K. Tiwari, D.S. Chauhan. Experimental evaluation of flat plate solar collector using nanofluids. Energy Conversion and Management. 134 (2017) 103-15.Conferences and workshops:

[1]Verma S.K.,Tiwari A.K.,Performance Analysis of Flat-Plate Solar Collector using Nanofluids :International conference on Recent Advances in Nano-Science and Technology (RAINSAT-2015), Sathyabama University, India, July 8th-10th,Materials Today: Proceedings (Publisher: Elsevier).

 [2] Verma S.K.,Tiwari A.K., Application of Nanoparticles in Solar collectors: A Review:4th International conference on Material process and characterization, GRIET Hyderabad, India, 14th -15th March 2015, Materials Today: Proceedings (Publisher: Elsevier).

 [3] Verma S.K., Tiwari A.K., application of nanofluids in direct absorbing solar collector: a review: International Conference On Science Technology & Management, YMCA, New Delhi, 1 Feb. 2015.

[4] Agrawal P.K, Tiwari A.K, Verma S.K, Improvement of efficiency of Flat-Plate solar collector using nanofluids in a solar water heater system. NIT Hamirpur-MTMI International conference on emerging paradigm and practices in global technology, Dec.22-24-2014.

[5] K Divyanshu, Tiwari A.K, Verma S.K, Thermal analysis using nanofluids in shell and tube heat exchanger: review: NIT Hamirpur-MTMI International conference on emerging paradigm and practices in global technology, Dec.22-24-2014.

[6]Short term one week course attended ‘”Nano structured carbon: Fuel-Cell-Application” IIT Kanpur-AICTE sponsored QIP Programme-2013

[7]One day International workshop on cloud computing Organized by Gautama Buddha University Noida.


Postgraduate Thesis Supervised

  • Mr. Pawan Kumar Agrawal, Thermal analysis of flat plate solar collector using nanofluids, at

 G.L.A University Mathura (completed-2015)

Completed/ Awarded             :  01

 Membership of professional bodies

Member  of the department, Accreditation committee Mechanical Engineering (NAAC)


GATE Qualified:

Year:2009(93.11), 2011(97.33)Score:525

Reviewer of International Journal Elsevier (SCI)

1.Energy Conversion and Management (ECM)

2.Applied Energy (APEN)

3.International Journal of Thermodynamics(IJOT)

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