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Faculty Profile

Dr. Manoj Kumar Agrawal
Associate Professor
Institute of Engineering and Technology
Department of Mechanical Engineering

Contact Details:

Email: manoj.agarwal@gla.ac.in
Contact Number: 9897332142


  • Worked as an Engineer in the Dept. of Production at ATV Projects India Limited, Mathura from 27th July 1993 to 30th Sept. 1998.
  • Worked as a Workshop Superintendent in the Dept. of Mechanical Engineer at GLA Institute of Technology and Management Mathura from 3rd Oct. 1998 to 30th Aug. 2013.
  • Worked as a Lecturer in the Dept. of Mechanical Engineering at GLA Institute of Technology & Management, Mathura from 3rd Oct. 1998 to 25th Nov. 2007.
  • Worked as a Reader in the Dept. of Mechanical Engineering at GLA Institute of Technology & Management, Mathura from 26th Nov. 2007 to 31st Aug. 2011.
  • Presently working as an Associate Professor in the Dept. of Mechanical Engineering at GLA University, Mathura since 1st Sept. 2011 till date.



  • Ph.D on the topic of Improving Customer Responsiveness and Productivity through Lean Manufacturing Philosophy from GLA University, Mathura since Jan. 2011.
  • M. Tech. in Mechanical Engineering from U. P. Technical University, Lucknow with CPI 8.00 in the year 2007.
  • B. E in Mechanical Engineering from Pune University, Poona in the year 1992.
  • Diploma in Mechanical Engineering from Board of Technical Education, Lucknow, in the year 1988.



  • High School from U. P. Board, Allahabad in the year 1983.
  • Intermediate from U. P. Board, Allahabad in the year 1985.



  • Industrial Engineering
  • Material Science
  • Advanced Welding Technology
  • Manufacturing Science-I & II
  • Manufacturing Processes
  • Industrial Automation and Robotics
  • Computer Aided Manufacturing
  • Product Development and Design



  • Proficiency in Specification of Machine Tools Analysis.
  • Knowledge of Computer Language C, C++, FORTRAN etc.


PROJECTS GUIDED (Under Graduate):

    • Integrated P-OP Model & its Application to Manufacturing Sector (2014)
    • Quick Response Manufacturing for customer Responsiveness (2013)
    • Integrating Lean and Agile Manufacturing Paradigms: Case study (2013)
    • Study and Development of Water Pump operated by Non Conventional Resources (Wind & Solar) (2013)
    • Design and Fabrication of LPG Bike (2013)
    • Performance Prediction of Centrifugal-Pump CFD-Tools (2013)



  1. M. K. Agrawal, “Value Stream Mapping” processing of National Conference on Recent Advancement in Mechanical Engineering held on 25-26 March, 2011 organised by BSA College of Engineering & Technology, Mathura.
  2. M. K. Agrawal, “Manufacturing Flexibility: Competitiveness and On Time Delivery Performance” proceeding of National Conference ‘Competitive Manufacturing: Strategic and Decision Support System’ held on 5-6 Nov., 2011 organised by GLA University, Mathura.
  3. M. K. Agrawal & Surendra Kumar “Robotization of Forge Industries to Sustain in the Competitive Environment” proceeding of National Conference” Recent Advances in Mechanical Engineering (RAME-2012) held on 8-9th June, 2012 organised by Hindustan College of Science & Technology, Farah, Mathura.
  4. Srivastava S, Mausam K and Agarwal M “Application of VSM for Identification of Mudas: A case study for small scale steel Industry in Indian Context” National Conference: Recent Advances in Mechanical Engineering held on 24-26th July 2012 and organized by International Science Congress Association, Indore.
  5. M.K.Agrawal and Vishnu Dev Lean Manufacturing Practices: Conceptual Framework and Implementation National Conference on Achieving Excellence for Industrial Competitiveness (AEIC) held on 19-20 Jan.2014 and organized by GLAU, Mathura.
  6. M.K.Agrawal and Vishnu Dev “JIT Manufacturing System: Some Requirement for Implementation and Pay Off”, all India Seminar on: ‘Recent Advances in Manufacturing and its Management (RAMM-2014)’ held on 7-8 Feb.2014 and organized by The Institution of Engineers (India) in association with BIT, Sindri, Dhanbad (Jharkhand).
  7. M.K.Agrawal and Shashank Srivastava “Application of Value Stream maps for Identification & Elimination of Wastes in Process Industry in Indian Conditions, UGC-SAP National Seminar on: ‘Ergonomics, Biomechanics and Occupational Health’(EBOH-2015) held on 14 March, 2015 and organized by Department of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Dayalbagh Educational Institute, Dayalbagh, Agra (U.P.).



  1. National Conference on “Eco-Friendly Manufacturing for Sustainable Development”, 19-21 Nov., 2010, Institute of Engineering & Technology, GLA University, Mathura.
  2. National Conference on “Achieving Excellence for Industrial Competitiveness”, 19-20 Jan., 2013, Institute of Engineering & Technology, GLA University, Mathura.
  3. National Symposium on “Cleaner Production: Technologies & Strategies” October 25 & 26, 2013, University Polytechnic, GLA University, Mathura.
  4. IIPE 37th Anniversary Meet Cum National Conference on “Global Competitiveness through Quick Response Manufacturing (Challenges & Opportunities for Indian Manufacturers)” April 18-20, 2014, University Polytechnic, GLA University, Mathura.




  1. Attended the International Conference on “Challenges and Strategies for Sustainable Energy, Efficiency & Environment” held on June 10-11, 2006 organized by U.P.T.U, Lucknow and Quality Up-gradation programme attended / participated.
  2. M. K. Agrawal (2012) “Manufacturing Flexibility and On Time Delivery Performance” An International Journal of Manufacturing Technology and Research, Vol.8, No.2, July-December, 2012, New Delhi.
  3. M. K. Agrawal (2014) “Implementation of Lean Manufacturing in a Moderate Industry” An International Journal of Manufacturing Technology and Research, Vol.10, No.2, July-December, 2014, New Delhi (ISSN No.:0973-0281)
  4. M. K. Agrawal (2015) & Surendra Kumar “Waste Minimization: A Tool For Lean Implementation” An International Journal of Mechanical Engineering Research, ISSN 2249-0019, Vol.5, No.1, pp. 55-72, Research India Publications, http://www.ripublication.com


  1. Attended one day workshop on “Recent Trends in Foundry Technology” held on 13th Feb., 2004 at Anand Engineering College, Agra.
  2. Mission 10X workshop on “High Impact Teaching Skills” held from 16-20 Feb.,2009, Mission 10X Programme at GLA Institute of Technology & Management, Mathura.
  3. Awareness of e-resources and IEEE resources on 26th Feb., 2011 at GLA University, Mathura.
  4. Training programme on “ Waste Free Manufacturing” (Under the Institute Industry Interaction Programme) organized by Research Pronunciation Cell GLA University and IIPE UP State Centre, Mathura held on 2nd Feb. , 2013.
  5. Participated in the ISTE-SRM Short Term Training Programme on “Advances in Refrigeration, Air-conditioning & Cryogenics” Organized by Anand Engineering College, Agra and sponsored by Indian Society for Technical Education, New Delhi and SRM University, Chennai during 31st March-6th April, 2014.


  1. Life Member of Indian Society for Technical Education (LM-48240).
  2. Life Member of IIPE (Indian Institution of Production Engineering), Bangalore (NLF0158).
  3. Life Member of Institution of Engineering (AMIE), Kolkata.


  • Working as an Additional Controller of Examination at GLA University, Mathura since Oct. 2010.
  • Working as Central Workshop Incharge since Oct. 1998.
  • Working as an Incharge of Centre Evaluation of Answer Scripts at GLA University since Oct. 2010.
  • Worked as a Course Coordinator at GLA University, Mathura.
  • Member of Financial Committee.
  • Member Secretary of Examination Committee.
  • Member of Purchase Committee of Department.