Faculty Profile

Mr. Mohit Sharma
Assistant Professor
Institute of Business Management

Contact Details:

Email: mohitsharma.ibm@gla.ac.in
Contact Number: 9648000432


4 Year Research experience in the field of Finance


2012      UGC-N.E.T (COMMERCE)

2012      C.A PCC EXAM.

2013       M.com (finance and accounting)


1.Sharma, M. (2015).Working capital management of sail. Research Highlights,2(1),107-115.

2.Sharma, M.(2017).Study on non performing assets of union bank of india. Hermeneutics,7(2),30-32.

3. Sharma, M. (2018). Study on non performing  assets in indian banking sector. Shodhdrishti,9(3),128-136.

4. Sharma, M. (2018). A comparative study of npa in axis bank  and hdfc bank, Interdisciplinary Journal Of Contemporary Research,4(7),107-116.



1.     Sharma, Mohit (2015).Technique of modern management with chanakya neetis, Presented at Roots of Indian management national seminar, R.S.M.T College, Varanasi,2015

2.     Sharma, Mohit (2015).C.S.R practices in india, corporate social responsibility in india. national seminar, MGKVP university, Varanasi

3.     Sharma, Mohit (2016).Make in india a challenge for creating new brands in india, Presented at Creating brand india: strategies, issues & challenges- managerial prespective national seminar MGKVP university, Varanasi

4.     Sharma, Mohit (2016).Sustainable development in economy in relation with npa management, Presented at emerging strides in innovations and skill development: a sustainable perspective international seminar school of management science,Varanasi

5.     Sharma, Mohit (2016).management practices of banks for sustainable rural development in india, Presented at changing paradigm of management practices for sustainable development national seminar BBA university, lucknow

6.     Sharma, Mohit (2016).corporate entrepreneurship and hrm a competitive advantage, Presented at corporate entrepreneurship in present scenario national seminar agrasen kanya pg college, Varanasi

7.      Sharma, Mohit (2018).impact of union budget 2018 over economic development, Presented at the philosophy of union budget 2018 populism vs development, DAV PG College, Varanasi

8.     Sharma, Mohit (2018).employment crises in india, Presented at contemporary issues and priorities for Indian eonomy national seminar DAV PG College, Varanasi.



1.     Attended NATIONAL WORKSHOP ON RESEARCH METHODOLOGY IN AREA STUDY. Organized by faculty of social science B.H.U. from 03.10.2015 to 10.10.2015.

2.     Attended 7 days  spss workshop from 24-30 november 2016 at IIS UNIVERSITY jaipur rajasthan.

3.     Attended 10 Days National Workshop On Statistical Techniques And Software Tools For Data Analysis. From 20 January 2017 to 30 January 2017.

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