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Prof. Kavita Varma
Faculty of Education
Faculty of Education

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Email: kavita.varma@gla.ac.in
Contact Number: 7088755888


  • B.A. from D.E.I., Dayalbagh, Agra in 1990 with First Division.
  • B.Ed. from D.E.I., Dayalbagh, Agra in 1991 with First Division.
  • M.Ed. from D.E.I., Dayalbagh, Agra in 1992 with First Division.
  • M.A.( English Literature) from Dr. B.R.A. University, Agra in 2001 with First Division.
  • M.A.( Hindi Literature) from Dr. B.R.A. University, Agra in 2007 with First Division
  • M.A.( Psychology) from Dr. B.R.A.University, Agra in 2012 with first division.
  • Ph.D. Awarded in Education from Dr. B.R.A. University, Agra in 1998.
  • B.Ed. in Special Education from IGNOU with first division in 2013.


  • Worked as a Professor in Amity Institute of Education in Amity University, Lucknow from August 2015 to April 2017.
  • Worked as a Principal of Krishna Girls Academy, Agra from July 2012 to July 2015.
  • Worked as a Principal of Peetamber Degree college, Agra from July 2011 to June 2012.
  • Worked as a Principal of Tulsi College of Education for Women, Ambala from May 2008 to March 2011.
  • Worked as a Head of Department of Education in Sarvodaya Mahavidhalaya, Mathura from Oct 2006 to April 2008.
  • Worked as Lecturer in Education Department of B.S.A. College, Mathura from Dec 2003 to Sept.2006.
  • Worked as lecturer in Education Department.of R.K.College of Systems & Management,Firozabad from Jan 1998 to Nov.2003.
  • Worked as TGT in Shri Ganesh Saraswati Vidhya Mandir, Agra from July 1993 to Dec.1997.
  • Presently working as Principal of Faculty of Education in GLA  University, Mathura (U.P.) from May 2017


  • In-charge, Amity Cultural Club
  • Member, Anti Ragging and Disciplinary Committee in University.
  • Paper Setter and Evaluator, University Semester Examination - B.Ed., B.Ed.in Special Education(LD),M.Ed., M.Ed. in Special Education(LD),M.A.(Clinical Psychology) and Ph.D.in Education course work.
  • Member, in PI Board of  University Admissions and selection of faculty in Education.


  • Educational Psychology,
  • Educational Philosophy,
  • Educational Technology,
  • Cognitive Development,
  • Teacher Education,
  • Methods of Teaching English,
  • Special Education,
  • New Innovations in Education.
  • Gender Issues.


  • Ph.D.-Education-Research Methodology, Educational Psychology, Philosophical & Sociological Foundations of Education.
  • M.A.-Clinical Psychology-Philosophical Foundations of Psychology.
  • M.Ed. Special Education(Learning Disabilities)- Identification, Assessment and Needs of Children with Learning Disability, Therapeutics and Assistive Devices for Persons with Learning Disability.
  • M.Ed.- Educational Technology, Educational Psychology, Educational Philosophy, Research Methodology and Statistics-I [Core Courses] Basic Research in Education [Core Courses] Philosophy of Education [Core Courses]
  • MJMC(Masters in Journalism & Mass Communication)-Communication for Employment [Communication Skills], Professional Communication Skills [Communication Skills]
  • B.Ed.Special Education in Learning Disability-Cross Disability and Inclusion- Learning Disability [Practical] ,Introduction to Locomotor & Multiple Disabilities , Introduction to Neuro Developmental Disabilities ,Introduction to Sensory Disabilities [Cross Disability & Inclusive Education Courses],Teaching Practice- Learning Disability [Practical],Working with Children with Learning Disability [Practical], Classroom Teaching- Learning Disability [Field Engagement Courses] Technology and Disability [Disability Specialization courses],Cross Disability and Inclusion- Learning Disability II [Practical] ,Working with Children with Other Disabilities in Special School [Field Engagement Courses].
  • B.Ed.- Contemporary India and education ,Educational Technology, Educational Psychology, ,Educational Philosophy, Language Across Curriculum ,Knowledge And Curriculum.
  • BJMC-(Bachelor’s  in Journalism & Mass Communication)- -English Language Usage Essentials , Introduction to Communication Skills , Professional Communication for Recruitment and Employability , Receptive and Expressive Communication Skills [Communication Skills].
  • B.A.(Hons)- 20th Century Indian English Prose , Language Across Curriculum.


  • “Need of Imparting Guidance and Counseling services for Adolescent students in India”, a chapter in book-Modern Education system, ISBN 978-93-86203-53-3,2017,55-65.
  • “Gender Sensitization and Education”, ARS-Journal of Applied Research and Social Sciences,Vol.4,Issue 4,February’2017,08-19.
  • “Education of Children with Disabilities in India: Concern and Policy Perspective”, a chapter in book-Revamping of Education System Through New Education Policy(NEP),ISBN 978-81-88865-67-3.2017.55-65.
  • “Procrastination and Students”, Research Innovator,Vol.2,Issue 4,2015,32-39.
  • “Relationship between Procrastination & Big five personality factors in comparison to male and female”,ARS-Journal of Applied Research and Social Sciences,Vol.2,Issue 23,December’2015,74-92.
  • “Vartaman Paripeksheye Mai Mulye Shiksha Ki Aavashyakta”, Shikshamitra, Vol.3, pp.16-17 ,2011       
  • “J.Krishnamurti's Approach To Education-Meaning And Concept Of Education,” Indian Psychometric &Educational Research Association, vol.41,2010.    
  • “Philosophical Outlook Of J.Krishnamurti”, Psycho-Linguistics Association Of India, Vol.Speacial of 40 Years,2010.                            
  • “Valabi Vishvidayala”,Shiksahmitra,Vol.3,pp.14-16 ,2009. 
  • “Buddha Shiksha-NalandaVishvidayala”, Shikshamitra, Vol.1,pp.19-20 ,2008.     
  • “VartamanParipeksheye Mai BuddhikShiksha,” A chapter in Book(shikshaSagar)Vol.1, pp.80-93,2007.


  • Role of Education in Gender Sensitization ,National Seminar on Gender Equity and Empowerment of Women, March 17-18,2017,Centre for Advanced Studies in Social Work, Department of Social Work, University of Lucknow, Lucknow, U.P.
  • Globalization, Youth And Indian Higher Education, National Seminar on Globalization and Youth in India: Perspectives, Issues and challenges, March 6-7,2017,Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambdkar University(Central University),Lucknow,U.P.
  • Education of children with disabilities in India: concerns and policy perspectives, International Conference on Revamping of Education System through New education policy(NEP),March2-3,2017,AIE,Amity University, Lucknow  Campus, U.P.
  • Gender Sensitization among youth and Education, National Seminar on Youth Empowerment: Issues, Challenges & Concerns, February 22-23,2017,Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti Urdu, Arabi-Farsi University(U.P. State Government University)Lucknow,U.P.
  • Gender Differences and Mental Health, in International Conference on Human Behavior and Development Issues: Growth and Sustainability,Oct.20-21,2016,AIBAS,Amity University, Lucknow, U.P.
  • Psychological Challenges for Young Adults, in National Seminar on Public Health in India: Issues of Women, Children and Adolescents,Oct.15-16,2016,University of Lucknow, Lucknow, U.P.
  • Need of Imparting Guidance and Counseling Services for Adolescent Students in India, in International Conference on Evaluation of Modern Educational System,Sept.24-26,2016,HIBS,Agra,U.P.
  • Teacher Education and Sustainable Development in India, In International ELT Conference, March 5-6,2016,Amity University, Lucknow, U.P.
  • Soft-Skills to Scale Professional Heights, In International Conference on English Studies: The Evolving Paradigms of Employability and Power, February 18-19,2016,Amity University, Lucknow, U.P.
  • Schools as a Learning Community for Enhancing Life Skills, In National Seminar On Skills to Excel in Higher Education,Sept.20,2015,atEram Girls Degree College, Lucknow, U.P.
  • A Study Of The Relationship Between Procrastination And Big Five Factors Of Personality, In National Conference On Challenges And Opportunities Of Work Ethics In Nation Building, Oct.4-6,2012,atSt.John's College, Agra.
  • Thrust Areas Of Modern Educational Research,4th National Seminar ,Sept.28-29, 2012, at Harprasad Institute Of Behavioral Studies (HIBS),Agra,U.P.
  • Mental Health And Social Support, The National Conference On Mental Health & Well Being: Recent Trends & Interventions, Feb.6- 7,2012,At Agra College Agra, U.P
  • Role Of Psychology And Technology In Teaching-Learning Situations, In National Seminar On Teacher As A Psychologist In Educational Technology Applications, Sept.4,2010 at Acme Institute Of Management & Technology, Agra.
  • Value Education-Need Of The Hour, In National Seminar On Teacher Education For Value Inculcation On March 27, 2010, at Aryan Institute Of Management & Computer Studies, Agra.
  • A Way To Quality Education, In National Seminar On Quality Education :Role Of Teacher, Technology & Management, On Feb.13,2010,at Sachdeva Institute Of Education, Farah, Mathura ,U.P.
  • Teacher's Competence And Responsibility, in National Seminar On Professional Competence In Teaching, Dec.14,2009,atSant Ramakrishna Kanya Mahavidyalaya, Agra,U.P.
  • Professional Development Of Teacher Education ,in National Seminar Of Council For Teacher Education & K.R. Teachers Training College March 14-15, 2008 At K.R. Teachers Training College, Mathura, U.P.
  • The Role Of language In Modernizing Thinking Process-The Native Indian languages & World View ,in Sixth International And Eighth National Conference On Teacher Education For Knowledge Society ,Oct.13- 14,2007,at Baikunthi Devi PG College, Agra ,U.P.
  • Role Of The Teacher Colleges And The Teacher-Education In Providing Extension And Consultancy Services In The Area Of Value Education, ln UGC Sponsored National Seminar On The Education Of Values And Ethics For Prospective School Teachers, On March 2-4, 2006,at Shah Goverdhan Kabra Teachers' College ,Jodhpur, Rajasthan.
  • Teacher in 21stcentury, In National Seminar Of Council For Teacher Education ,June 9-10, 2006,at Gujarat State Centre, Vadodara, Gujrat.
  • Education As Suggested By Sri Aurobindo Ghosh,ln All India Conference On A Blue Print Of Education For The Emerging Child ,Dec25-26.,2004,at Amar NathVidya Ashram Senior Secondary School, Mathura,U.P.


  • Participated in National Seminar on Human Resource Management (HRM)Practices in service based Organizations: Issues, Challenges, Current Status and Future Perspective held on March 7,2017,Amity School of Hospitality, Lucknow, U.P.
  •  Participated in Faculty Development Programme on Research Methods and Scientific Writing, December 20-21,2016,Amity University Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow.
  • Participated in Faculty Development Program on From Teaching to Learning-A New Paradigm for Education, December 15-16,2016,AIIT, Amity University Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow.
  • Participated in  UGC Sponsored Capacity Building Of Woman Managers In Higher Education Workshop ,January21-25,2011 At University Of lucknow ,Lucknow,U.P.


  • Chaired a Session of International Conference on English Studies: Skill Development for Sustainable Growth, February 23-24,2017,ASL,Amity University, Lucknow Campus, U.P.
  • Chaired a session of International Conference on Evaluation of Modern Educational System,Sept.24-26,2016,HIBS,Agra,U.P.
  • Resource person in National Orientation Seminar on 10-11 Dec.2010 the topic at Inspiration College of Teacher Education(ICTE)Polysheet, Kathgodam (HaldwaniJ-263126)Distt. Nanital (Uttarakhand)
  • Resource person in National Seminar on "Teacher as a Psychologist in Educational Technology Applications" on 04 Sept.2010 in Department of Education, Acme Institute of management & technology ,Sikandara, Agra (U.P.) 


  • Workshop for Faculty Development for Enhancing Mentoring SkillsOn   07th& 08th July 2016 at Amity University, Lucknow. 


  • International Conference on Revamping of Education System through New Education Policy (NEP) on 2nd and 3rd March 2017 Amity University, Lucknow.
  • National Seminar on “Sarvagrih vikas ke path pradashak Pt.Deendayal Uphadhaya”,on 9th and 10th Dec.2017,at Deendayal dham,Farah,Mathura. 


  • Awarded by IAIP for Professional Commitment Award 2008.
  • Awarded by IPERA for best cognitive Psychologist 2010.
  • Awarded by Taj Mahotsav Cultural festival Awarded for dance and Participation 1994.
  • Invited As Special Guest In Sangathan 2016 18th Inter Amity Institutions Sports Meet In Celebration of Founder's Day- 24th October at Amity University,Noida.
  • Appreciation Certificate for the participation in Education for Disabled Persons Sponsored by MHRD, New Delhi, organized by Gyandeep shkisha Bharati,Mathura.  


  • Supervision of Dissertations at M.Ed./M.A. level (14).
  • Supervision of ongoing Ph.D.(02). 


  • N.C.C., School discipline In- charge, 
  • Dance, Music(vocal), Debates, Dramatics,
  • N.S.S.,  Scout& Guide,
  • All India Radio, Agra, Taj Mahotsava Festival, Agra,
  • Drawing Painting & Handicraft,
  • Anchoring for International fame Personalities,
  • Cultural Head at University level,
  • Live  Show of Psychology on Local TV Channel,etc. 


  • Full Name : Prof. Kavita Varma
  • Date of Birth : 06 Oct.1970
  • Nationality : Indian
  • Language Known : Hindi, English.
  • Father’s Name : Mr. Ranvir Singh Varma
  • Mother’s Name : Mrs. Chandra Varma
  • Husband’s Name : Mr. Vir Vikram Singh  

DECLARATION : I solemnly confirm and declare that the above mentioned details are true to the best of my knowledge.

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