Faculty Profile

Ms.Mona Kumari
Assistant Professor
Institute of Engineering and Technology
Department of Computer Engineering & Applications

Contact Details:

Email: mona.kumari@gla.ac.in
Contact Number: 8726686816

Contact Details:

Email: mona.kumari@gla.ac.in

Contact Number: 8726686816


  • 7 years Teaching/Research experience in the field of computer science


M.Tech. (2012): Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology Allahabad, UP,India



  •  “Mona Kumari and Ajitesh kumar ”Real Time Scheduling with DVS and Harvesting Energy Constraints” ( published in IJCA October 2012 Edition with effect from October 23, 2012 ).
  •  Ajitesh kumar, S.K. Gupta & Mona Kumari ”Energy Efficient Extended Priority Ceiling Protocol for Real time system” (Publish in IJCA Jan 2013 Edition).



  • Mona Kumari , Ajitesh kumar, “A survey on minimizing energy consumption in Hard Real

          time System.,” In Proc. of NCRTICT-2012 Allahabad, March-2012.


Postgraduate Thesis Supervised

Completed/ Awarded             :  01

Working                                     :  NIL


Membership of professional bodies

  1. Member of IACSIT


Conferences/ Seminars/Workshops Attended     

  • Attended the first IEEE Conference on ICCCT-2011 at MNNIT Allahabad.
  • Attended  the second IEEE Conference on ICCCT-2012 at MNNIT Allahabad.
  • Attended a Short term program on Wireless Network (WN-08) in IIIT Gwalior.
  • Attended Thirteenth Annual Conference and First International Conference of GAMS with

              Symposium on Mathematical Modeling in Engineering and Bioscience in AEC Agra.

  • Attended a National Conference on “Emerging Trends in Computing Through I.T Enabled System in  AEC Agra.
  • Attended 3 day workshop on “IT Infrastructure” organized by IBM at BMAS Engineering

             College, Agra.

  • Attended “Faculty Development Program” at FDI Greater Noida.
  • Workshop on “MATLAB” at Anand Engineering College,Agra.
  • 4 weeks training in Software Technology Parks Of India,NOIDA during June 2005.
  • 2. month training in Progressive Infotech, NOIDA during June 2005 (out campus).
  • 3 month course of SQL Server 2000 from Data Point Delhi


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