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Flipper is fun. Flipper is life and it is completely AD FREE

What happens when you open a new tab? You always get to see those boring snapshots of the websites that you have recently visited. More often you have to see something that you are really not interested in. To flip this reality ‘Flipper’ is here now - a Beautiful New Tab App by Shikhar Srivastava, a bright student of GLA University, Mathura. With Flipper you won’t have to see all those boring widgets on your new tab page. Every time you open Flipper you get to see craftsmanship at its finest and every pixel it carries scream quality. 


"Flipper is a beautiful replacement for your boring new tab page. It is a Chrome extension and replaces an ordinary tab with an aesthetically pleasing one with lots of functionalities. With lots of functions like voice search, visual bookmarks, wallpapers, weather widgets and quotes widgets, Flipper is available in 28 languages," shared by Shikhar while talking about his creation.

A second-year student of B.Tech (computer science) from GLA University in Mathura, Shikhar launched this app in January 2015. He started working on it when he was in Class XII and it took him nine months to develop the web-based app, which is available only on computers. The app, which is available on the Google Web Store, has been purchased by 60,000 users so far, 99% of them from other countries. Flipper has been used over 12 million times by people all across the world.

Flipper is fun. Unlike the other such apps that do not include the customization feature, Flipper incorporates the power of customization. It allows you to choose from two different modes. In addition to that, Flipper lets you choose from exquisite set of wallpapers. The engine used by Flipper also allows the users to choose from 6 different layout modes. As of now, it supports 20 home screens however; you are still able to install more flippers from the “Flipper Store” or can even create your own. 

Flipper allows you to choose from 2 different clock styles on your screen showing the current time. You can also create the Reminders and take Notes within Flipper. It has features like personal voice assistant (just like Siri), a to-do/reminder feature, trending stories, Facebook and GMail notifier, and is available in more than 50 different locales and 28 in-UI language translations.

Shikhar started developing Flipper when he was a student of standard 12. Without any coaching in the curriculum required to make a web-based application, Shikhar, learnt tools like JavaScript, HTML, CSS and jQuery. He got the idea of developing the app one day while browsing on the internet when he realized that ordinary tabs are very boring in their functions.

After coming to GLA University, he has got every support from the Computer Science and Engineering Department, and from Mr. Neeraj Agrawal, Treasure & Secretary Society, to become an entrepreneur and be a role model for youngsters like him.

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