“Best University” Declared by Dialogue India

The GLA University has been declared the best university by the Dialogue India. The team analysed all universities and reached a decision to put the GLA at the top of the ranking. Here are the reasons for their decision.

1. A residential university with more than 80% students living on campus.

2. The university is located in the holy city of Mathura. This region is considered backward in terms of education facilities. The Management at GLA saw it as an opportunity and decided to make a mark with quality education and infrastructure.

3. The fee structure is quite reasonable compared to other institutes providing opportunities to students of lower middle-class backgrounds to avail quality quality higher education.

4. The university maintains the standard of facility and management. The institute is very particular about the selection of students. The teacher, staff and students ratio of the institute is good.

The senior management is actively involved with the students. They are aware of the name and course of every student. Always ready to help student both at a professional and personal level.
An excellent mechanism for placements and career growth.

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