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1st College to invent All Terrain Vehicle

An All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV), also known as a quad or quad bike is a vehicle that runs on low-pressure tires and as the name suggests, it’s design ensure that it can easily be run in any variety of terrain. Many companies have developed various varieties of ATVs including single seater, double seater, three-wheeler and four-wheeler etc. Indeed this was the first time when an ATV has been developed by a bunch of college students. Yes!! That is correct. GLA University students of Mechanical Engineering department have designed and fabricated an All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) which can run on any type of terrain whether it is a muddy surface, ice, water, inclined and declined plateaus.

ATVAlthough ATVs have not been approved for running on common roads in several countries, yet they are used in a variety of industries for their maneuverability and off-roading ability. These include, border patrol, construction, emergency medical services, land management, law enforcement, military, mineral exploration, oil exploration, pipeline transport, search and rescue, small-scale forestry, surveying, wild land fire control. In agriculture they can be used to bridge the advantages of trucks and tractors. Besides that people can travel from one place to another in hill stations where travelling by any other vehicle is not possible.

Considering the advantages of the ATVs, the Mechanical Engineering students of GLA University decided to take up the challenge and successfully build a highly powerful and useful All Terrain Vehicle. The vehicle designed by the students uses very light weight engine of Briggs and Stratton of 305cc which produces a 10 HP of driving force. The project was divided into 2 phases’. In the design phase, students designed the outer body of the ATV using the design software like Ansys, Pro-e. After the design phase, in order to fabricate the outer body our students used steel tube of 1mm and 3mm keeping the vehicle design in their views. Once, the outer body was completed, various other components were assembled with the body such as braking system, steering system, engine, gear box etc. The tyres used in the ATV are 6 ply radial tyres whose road grip is very high in comparison to other tyres used in passenger cars. The ATV uses safety harness components of SFI rated, which is an international organisation and looks into safety related aspects of this kind of vehicles. The total weight of the vehicle is 310 kg and the vehicle can attain a speed of 0 to 60 kmph in 6 seconds.

The ATV will now represent GLA University in various types of National and International events in order to show its performance, endurance etc. Now our next objective is to reduce 50 kg weight of the vehicle which will drastically enhance its power.

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