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Q: What is the library opening timing?
Monday to Saturday
Opening Hours : 9 AM to 1 AM (At Night)
Issue/Return Counter : 9 AM to 5 PM
Sundays & Holidays
Opening Hours : 9 AM to 5 PM
During the examinations, the reading room of the central library remains open from 09:00 AM to 01: 00 AM on all days including Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays.

Q: What are the resources available in the Central Library?
The Central Library is well equipped with modern facilities and resources. It has over 1, 20,000 books and subscribes more than 145 national and international journals and magazines in print format. In addition to this, it provides access to more than 500 e-journals. like ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) online journals, ACM (Association of Computing Machinery) Digital Library, IEL (IEEE/IEE Electronic Library) journals and Science Direct.

Q: How can I locate books on the shelf?
The Central Library follows Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) Scheme to classify the books and arrange them in the ascending order of the classification numbers assigned to them. You can locate the books by knowing their classification number and accession number both. However, Section Incharge is always there for your help in locating your desired book.

Q: If I do not get the book on shelf, what can I do?
If you don’t find your desired book on shelf; then you may check the status of the book through OPAC or seek the help from our staff who is always over there.

Q: Whom to contact for queries regarding the concerned section?
The details are given on OPAC Notice Board.

Q: How do I get an Inter Library Loan to get books from other libraries than Central Library?
The Central library offers interlibrary loan services to its members for the books and journals not held by the Library. If an item you require is not held anywhere within the University, You are most welcome to make an Interlibrary Loan request to have the item supplied from other reputed academic libraries through DELNET.

Q: How can I give any suggestion/feedback to library authority regarding provision of the quality service to the users?
An authorized user can drop his/her suggestion/feedback either by writing on a plain paper in the suggestion box placed at the entrance of the Central Library or through online using our library website (www.glalibrary.cu.cc/index.html). Your suggestion/feedback will help us in re-engineering of our library services.

Q: Can I take photograph inside the Central Library?
Photography inside the library is strictly prohibited.

Q: Which facility is provided to the physically handicapped students in the Central Library?
The Physically handicapped students are getting the facility in terms of borrowing of the books only.

Q: Which type of services provided to the SC/ST students in the Central Library?
SWD section is reserved exclusively for the SC/ST users. They can get the borrowing facility up to 2 books for entire semester.

Q: How OPAC search helps me to locate the documents?
OPAC is the On-line Public Access Catalogue is placed at entrance of the Central Library. The entire library collection including books can be searched through the OPAC. Users can get the information about their desired books. They can also check their status of loaned books. Steps for using OPAC is given on its Notice for your help.

Q: How can I recommend a book for purchase in the Central Library?
An authorized user can recommend a book for purchase by filling-in a "Book Requisition Form" that can be obtained from the Technical Section or from the Library web site. The form should then be routed through your Head of the Department for his recommendation.

Q: How can I donate or gift books to the Central Library?
You can donate or gift book(s) to the Central Library along with your gift letter addressing to the Librarian, Central Library, GLAU.

Q: How can I become a member of the Central Library?
A new user has to collect the membership form available at Circulation Counter and submit it along with two stamp size photographs. After collecting the Library Card one can borrow books from the Central Library.

Q: How much fine I have to pay if I would not return book within the stipulated date?
A borrowed book should be returned within the due date; otherwise following fine schedule will be charged from the user as overdue charge.
1. First 3 days- 1 Rupee per day per book
2. Next 4 days -5 Rupees per day per book.
3. After that 10 Rupees per day per book

Q: Where should I pay the library fine/dues?
The Library fine/dues must be paid at the Circulation Counter. It is advised to take duly singed fine slip while depositing fine.

Q: What should I do if the book I borrowed got lost?
If a user loses a borrowed library book, then he/she has to make an application immediately to the in – charge of Circulation Section to get relief from paying the delay fine from the date of application and to take the following actions whichever is permissible as per library rules:
a)Replace the lost book by a new book as per the library regulation; or
b) Pay the Book Cost of the lost book and half of the book cost as processing charge.

Q: Is it possible that I can use the library card of my friend on his/her behalf?
No, borrowing of books through friend’s library card is not possible at any circumstances.

Q: Can I issue the same books soon after its returning?
No, you can’t issue the same books in your library account soon after its returning.

Q: Can I issue/reissue the books if I have fine due to the library?
Issue and Renewal transaction will be suspended if you have fine due to the library in your library account.

Q: Can the reference book be issued to the member?
No, reference books are not issued to any member of the Central Library. They are only meant for reading in the library.

Q: What shall I do if I lost the library membership card?
Incase of loss of the library membership card, a duplicate library identity card may be issued on the basis of application to the librarian supported with an FIR lodged in local police station along with the receipt of Rs.25/- deposited at Circulation Section.

Q: What shall I do if I need the clearance of dues from the library?
No dues / clearance is given to user against all the outstanding dues in respect of borrowed book(s) and delay fine, if any, are cleared. Library Identity Card must be submitted along with Dues application form incase of students/research scholars. Staff members and Faculty members are also supposed to return Library Identity Card before getting clearance on No-dues form from Library.

Q: Which disciplinary action can be taken against me if I fail to deposit the fine within the stipulated period?
All outstanding dues in form of delay fine or lost book must be cleared within the current academic year failing which your membership will be treated as delinquency.

Q: Where do I get question papers of previous year’s examinations?
Question papers of previous years’s are available in the concerned institute’s Library.

Q: How many libraries are available in the GLA University Campus?
There are four other libraries in the GLAU Campus:
Institute of Engineering & Technology : I Block (First Floor)
Institute of Pharmacy : IV Block (Ground Floor)
Institute of Business Management : V Block (Second Floor)
Institute of Applied Humanities : VI Block (First Floor)

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