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The institute celebrates World Pharmacist Day and National Pharmacy Week every year in line with the national celebration to mark the role of Pharmacist and the importance of which medicines have in the lives of human beings.

The celebration includes academic and entertainment programs whose motive is to make the people aware of the increasing significance of the discipline and how to take care of their medicinal intake. The programs are made interesting by making them competitive so that the students can learn through the spirit of competitiveness. 

These give opportunities to harness the hidden talents in the students of the institute. Apart from this, experts from the industry and academia are invited to the institute to throw light on the concurrent happenings in the said field. In all, it is a thought provoking exercise which helps the faculty and students to bond with each other.


Training  and  tour  are  integral  part  of  B. Pharm. course  curriculum.The students  are  made  to  proceed  an  training in Pharmaceutical  Industries during the summer after 6th Semester.  By doing so the  students become familiar  with  the  actual  procedures that  are  followed in  industries  based  on  some  knowledge  they have  gathered during their study program in GLA.

Apart  from  this the students  in  smaller  groups  go  on  industrial  tours  in  industries  which  are  in  the  form  of  educational excursions. These   types  of  tours help  in giving  a  change  in  the  scenario of teaching and learning throughout their studies.


Regular meetings with the residents of nearby villages are arranged to make them aware of sanitation related helth problems. The villagers also given ideas about nutritions food and beverages through use of posters, placards and speech. 



There are conferences and workshops held on regular basis so that it could give the teacher that extra help in technology for their students. Teachers must immerse themselves in what is new and current by attending such activities to better the lives and education of their students.



 The significant participation can be seen in the events like: Football, Cricket, Volleyball, Badmintion, Basketball, Table Tennis, Chess etc.


A Fresher’s party is a unique event for the College or University Education. So is at GLAUniversity. It is of an amazing nature.


A farewell party in contrast is a party with difference i.e. sorrow and joyful. It is an occasion where say goodbye to seniors with heavy heart. It is joyful as seniors leave the organization with brighter future.


To connect the parent-student-teacher, Institute of Pharmaceutical Research, GLAUniversity, Mathura organise parents teacher meet. This meet is organized with the objectivity of creating bond  between parents and teachers , so that the need of students can be fulfilled and they are in position to  surpass all the hurdles without any problem. The programme start with welcome of parents by Director, where he focuses on the career of their wards. 

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