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Education is drawing out the best in man - mind, soul and spirit, it implies the development of the 3'H's Head, Heart and Hand. The main function of education is to guard the social heritage and educational values. For this the educators should carry out their ethical responsibilities. Therefore,Teacher Education courses should aim at training of the body, mind and spirit." An educational institute is not just about bricks, concrete and walls, but about building personality, enriching minds and about new experiences that lasts a lifetime. Having said that Life is not a set of instructions but is a series of experiences and learning process. This is where We steps in - to make a difference and where learning is not just series of instructions but an enthusiasm, which goes beyond books, instructions, and learning horizons.

I believe that along with professional knowledge and skill, the most important is professional attitude. Here is an institute which makes sincere efforts to inculcate that attitude among its students, in their crucial formative years during which their personality development takes a definite shape. Together, we aim to develop competent, committed and efficient teachers in our college by imparting quality teacher education.

The learning atmosphere in the institution helps the student to enrich by an array of academic, co-curricular and curricular inputs in the form of core practice teaching simulation teaching, seminar, tutorials, workshops, research project link Internship & ICT training etc. The main objective of education i.e. all round development of student’s personality has to be hazardously achieved through the excellent institutional infrastructural and technical facilities by the eligible and efficient staff members.

Teachers play a very significant role in educating our future generations. GLA Faculty of Education ensures complete transformation of pupil-teacher into full-fledged effective and dedicated teachers who are ready to take responsibility of our future generation, nurturing and grooming them to become responsible global citizens. The prevalent rich learning environment at the University campus facilitate extensive and inclusive opportunities to the learners of B.Ed. We are living in a fast changing world, a changing society, progressing at a galloping speed; impact of science, scientific research, technological development, globalization on our daily life is vibrant and unavoidable. As such changes in the course content, methodology and techniques of teaching are unavoidable if we want to keep pace with the changing trends of life.

Focusing on teacher education a teacher is supposed to motivate the children to have on access to this vast knowledge by using latest techniques that will require teacher to posses Skills of effective communication through latest techniques, so that student grasps the content following the dynamics of changing trends and understands the concept.

It gives me immense pleasure to welcome you to our Faculty of Education which is one of the most reputed B.Ed. Institute in Uttar Pradesh. Besides, we are producing more than 90 percentage results in every examination. It is my honest appeal to you all to make optimum use of such golden opportunity to become a teacher in its true sense. I am sure that you all will achieve success in the endeavor.

DECLERATIONS: NCTE has been decided to permit the Faculty of Education (GLA University) to have two basic units of 50 students each.

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