Faculty of Education

List of Publications


1.Important & Tourism industry in the Economics and Educational Perception March (2014

 The ASIAN JOURNAL of Psychology & Education.

2.“The study of physical Education and Academic Educational modernity” Research Line: - May-July (2014)

3.“Challenges and Future Prospects of teacher Education”

Research Line: - May-July (2014

4.“The significance of Global Competition and efficient management”

36th All India accounting Conference, held in Visakhapatnam January 214 (U.G.C.)

5.“The study of Cultural Psychological Social and Political events in the Modern Society”

International Conference on “Social Responsibility in Economics Perspective- A Global Issue” held in Jaipur  11-13 Jan 14


6.“The study of E- Business - E- Commerce & E- Governance in modern society”

E- Governance in Economic Development Challengers and prospects” 26-27 Oct 2012 (U.G.C. C.RO).

7.“comparative study of moral values among sudents of Government and private senior secondary schools in Dist. Faridabad ”

8.“Reservation Policies and Empowerment of Weaker Section in Higher Education”

9.“VISION 2020 And Role of Teacher Education Institutions”

10.“Education For Cultural Sustainability”

11.“Women And Media: Challenges And Opportunities”


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