Department of Electrical Engineering

Research & Developments

Presently the department of Electrical Engineering is running the courses at both the undergraduate and the postgraduate levels and providing excellent facilities to carry out research work for Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degree, R&D work for sponsored and consultancy projects and testing and consultancy work for industrial problems. This is, of course, in addition to the regular courses in Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech.) and Master of Technology (M.Tech.) that are a part of the curriculum.

The Department of Electrical engineering gives the consultancy in the area of

1)      Solar PV installations                                 


The department of Electrical engineering has latest softwares and hardware testing beds for testing of solar panels, efficiency testing of solar panels in different geographical regions, battery charging and discharging studies etc.

2)      Control strategies for electric vehicles


The department is keeping in pace with the latest developments in automobile sector especially in the area of hybrid electric vehicle. Controller design, storage batteries, ultra capacitors are some of the areas in which department is making continuous efforts to contribute, with state of the art research.

 3)      Biomedical signal and image processing



The EE department  is dedicated to understanding visual processes and finding solutions for the outstanding problems in image and video processing and intelligent systems. Our department has a strong research program in the areas of image processing and image-based pattern recognition. Many results and algorithms we developed are generic in their nature and find their use in numerous application areas. This includes digital photography, surveillance systems, image forensics, biomedicine, remote sensing, astronomy and art conservation.

  Lab facilities available :                                   

Various departmental laboratories have been strengthened and modernized by procuring state of art equipments. The department is equipped with the latest experimental and computational facilities for taking up R&D and consultancy activities in different areas of electrical engineering.

The department is having latest softwares and hardware testing facilities like 

  • dSPACE
  • ETAP
  • Rockwell automation enabled PLC lab.


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