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ABACUS Society

The seed for the ABACUS Society in GLA University was first sown in the year 2009 with the handful of IT enthusiasts students and faculty members who felt the need to organize their activities. They also wanted to share their knowledge and exchange ideas on what they felt were a fast emerging sector. The purpose of the society is educational directed towards the advancement of the theory and practice of the computer science & IT. The idea is spread knowledge and provide opportunities to as many interested as possible. The objective of this society is convening conferences, workshops, campaigns and training program for the students as well for the general public in order to impart Information Technology awareness.

There are a number of clubs and Professional chapters running under the departmental society ABACUS: 


1. A4 Algo

  • A 4 Algo is a dedicated club for the programming lovers in GLA University.
  • The objective of club is to organize the events and enhance the programming skills of the students.
  • This club is also supporting the students to prepare themselves for the competitive   programming

2. Internet on Things (IoT)

  • Provide awareness to the faculties and students about the cutting edge technologies in the area of IoT.
  • Promote and support enthusiastic students for the development of IoT applications.
  • Identify research opportunities in IoT technology, applications and services. 
  • Form a student’s community including business, communication, embedded systems, information systems, and software, with a focus on challenges in IoT issues.

3. Gloud

  • Gloud is a dedicated club for the Cloud Computing in GLA University.
  • The objective of club is to organize the events to aware the students about powerful ICT infrastructure for reliable and effective delivery of data-intensive storage services, facilitating the convergence of ICT, media and telecommunications.
  • This club is also supporting the students to understand the services and deployment complexity of cloud computing.

4. Cyberonites

  • The main objective of this club is to expand and encourage cyber security awareness and application by providing students with the tools and education in the field of cyber security.
  • The club's main purpose is to provide students who are interested in cyber security with the technical resources needed to advance their computer security careers.
  • The club's also organize competitions related to cyber security throughout the semester.

5. Datum

  • Provide awareness to the faculties and students about the cutting edge technologies in the area of Data Science.
  • Promote and support enthusiastic students for the Data Analytics
  • Identify research opportunities in the area of data science and its applications

Professional Chapter

CodeChef Chapter

CodeChef is a global competitive programming platform which supports over 50 programming languages and has a large community of programmers that helps students and professionals test and improve their coding skills. CodeChef GLA Chapters aim at promoting competitive programming and help students become a better problem solver which goes a long way in learning as well as in their career development.

CSI Student Branch and CSI Mathura Chapter

Computer Society of India is the first and largest body of computer professionals in India. The student Branch of Computer Society of India (CSI) was established at GLA University in 2004 to serve the student community by bridging the gap between academia and industry. The CSI student branch promotes and organizes various activities such as seminars, workshops, conferences, symposium, quiz competition, project competition and many more. The department also plays major initiative to start the CSI Mathura Chapter. The chapter is taking initiatives for research, knowledge sharing, learning and career enhancement for all categories of CS/IT Professionals.

IEEE Computer Society Student Branch Chapter and IEEE Industry Application Society Student Branch Chapter

IEEE Computer Society is a professional society of IEEE. Its purpose and scope is “to advance the theory, practice, and application of computer and information processing science and technology”. The department also has IEEE Computer society Student Branch Chapter which regularly organizes various technical events and competitions such as workshop on Information Retrieval and Linux, Technical Quiz competitions, Expert Lectures, etc.

IEEE Women in Engineering GLA University Student Affinity Group

IEEE Women in Engineering (WIE) is the largest international professional organization dedicated to promoting women engineers and scientists and inspiring girls around the world to follow their academic interests to a career in engineering. The department has IEEE WIE Student Affinity Group which continuously organizes various events for empowering the women in engineering such as IEEE Computer Awareness Workshop for Housewives, Self Defense Training & Awareness Workshop for Women in Engineering, etc.

C# Corner Mathura Chapter

C# Corner is an online community for software developers and IT professionals. The C# Corner Mathura Chapter, started in 2017, has been involved in a variety of programs and activities that have helped interacting with members through periodic meetings and giving a platform where users share their knowledge with each others.


Aashayein has been working by ABACUS Technical & Cultural Society under Computer Engineering & Applications department. This is focusing on ending poverty and social injustice. We do this through well planned and comprehensive programmes in education, livelihoods etc. The goal is the empowerment of underprivileged children, old aged from poor and marginalized communities leading to improvement in their lives and livelihoods. 

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