Learning Process at GLA


It has been a defining moment in the annals of history of this sanctimonious dwelling that GLA is providing a gamut of courses under its umbrella and that too with a university tag, a telling testimony of our commitment to the people of this region and to others at large.

We provide great significance to interactive learning and two-way communication process, thereby making the erudition atmosphere sincere and responsive. What enables the students to develop a high degree of concentration and the requisite level of deliberation is not just academic excellence but overall comfort while they stay in the campus.

The Learning Process adopted at GLAUniversity is quite modern and based on scientific findings with regard to efficacy of teaching. The faculty acts as a facilitator and not as an instructor and works tirelessly to augment knowledge of their students and try to impart the best possible information, facts and figures to their students.

The students are well groomed to not only achieve great heights in their careers but also boldly face the challenges of life. Regular Personality Development Programmes are taken by experts from industry and academia so that they are aware of the latest developments. Industrial visits help the students to gauge the practicality to the theory inputs they receive in their classrooms.  

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