International Management Conference (IMC) 2017, December 15-16, 2017

International Management Conference (IMC–2017),

December 15-16, 2017

The Institute of Business Management, G LA University organizes International Management Conference (IMC) 2017 in collaboration with California State University (Jack H Brown College Business & Public Administration)  San Bernardino, USA on December 15-16, 2017 at the University Campus, Mathura. The theme of the conference is “A Dynamic Shift of 4 G- Good Governance & Global growth” covering multi disciplinary areas.  The organizers invite quality research papers for IMC, 2017 from Academicians, Researchers, Doctoral students, Industry Professionals and Practitioners in multi disciplinary areas focusing on the theme.  


1)   To deliberate the leverage point for correcting governance failure that lies in policy and politics.

2)   To discuss institutional arrangements, rules and incentives for economic behavior.

3)   To evaluate if actions focused on governance have a special autonomy and a more limited role.

4)  To experience sharing if good governance needs to be distinguished from functional governance in context with historical regularities         in governance.

5)  To assess inter-linkages between institutions, economic development and governance in India as well as in the global context to suggest changes in economic policy and initiatives. 

Conference Theme: 

1)  Public policy: Governance and Growth

2)  International Business and Strategy

3)  Governance in financial system and markets

4)  Governance and Marketing

5)  Governance Issues in Human Resource Management & growth

6)  Changing paradigms of Governance in Operations and Information Technology

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