Department of Mechanical Engineering
Brief Description of Clubs
Sr. No. Club Name Co-ordinator Name Brief Description
1 Droid  Mr.Alok Soni
Mr. Atul pandey      
Objective: Robotics is a micro-controller based introductory manually controlled & autonomously controlled robotics, where students will learn the art of making varieties of robots. This club focuses on the fundamentals of designing and building robots by integration with a micro-controller. Hands-on on the training kit which includes micro-controller development board, sensors, modules, motors etc. will help you in clearing your concepts related to robotics, embedded systems, artificial intelligence & automation.About us: Droid club is basically covering Automation, Robotics, Reverse Engg. And rapid prototyping activities, which is an interdisciplinary branch of engineering combining mechanical, civil, electrical, electronics, computer engineering and other allied branches of science. So, in this workshop you will learn the basics of Automation and Robotics.
2 Areomodelling Mr.Vijay Kumar Gupta Aeromodelling is the art of designing, building and flying miniaturized aircrafts (powered or non-powered). One can build a model plane from any material like Paper, Balsa wood etc. It is both a hobby and sport; the hobby aspect involves building and assembling model aircraft, and the sport part involves the flying. To showcase their passion for flying the club members participate in various fares like techkriti, held at IIT-K, IIT-D and similar shows held at other premier institutes all over the country.
3 Speed Mr. Gaurav Kr. Garg The main objective of this club is to involve the students in various activities related to automobile and make them able to understand the future requirement of society in the field of Automobile
4 Relax Mr. Harish Kr. Sharma The increasing complexity of industrial ergonomics is continuously evolving new challenges for the researchers. Ergonomics aims at safety, health and efficiency of worker. Relax club aims at learning the techniques and apparatuses that consider the ergonomics for the work-system and product design. The members will be able to break down and evaluate the powerful modeling and simulation software packages and programs. The experts will try to uncover the literature of the methodologies, which have been connected by researchers to enhance the viability of people in their working environment.
5 Analysis Mr.Sanjeev Kr. Gupta
Mr.Mehtab Alam
In this club for analysis purpose ANSYS software is used for solving fluid flow, heat transfer & other related phenomenon . This Software is most widely used in aerodynamic, automobile, referigeration & air-conditioning & many more industries. This club is very active in organizing workshops for students as well as faculty members.
6 Drafter Mr.Toshit Jain In this club we usually teach students about the latest innovation and addition of computational activities in Mechanical Engineering to make them aware for their forthcoming challange. Next we deliver classes in software used to help in design and manufacturing bt computational means. Also next we usually follows the term of to the student by the student and making students enhanced in latest trends with help of each other. We also take initiatives to perform webinars to make new things and delivering innovations by any far end parts in any counties and areas.
7 Hammer Mr. Sunil Kumar
Mrs. Soni Tiwari
In this club we usually teach  about the practical exposure or learning of Machines to the students beyond the prescribed syllabus. Also we make them learn various innovated manufacturing technology  through Workshops and  to make them go through the training sessions of Advanced Machining Processes held by Industrial Experts to give them Industrial Exposure 
8 Bond Mr. Aneesh Kumar The club is meant to enhance the knowledge in materials science and engineering. The activities are planned to abridge the practical and theoretical knowledge of the subject. Also the club is trying to focus the new domains of material science for the students so that it can be benefecial for their career in industry and higher studies.
9 Infinite Mr.Vikas Kumar Objective of this club is to make brief introduction about ongoing research and its engineering application of solar and thermal energy systems in solar energy harvesting. Workshop will be supported with theoretical and practical session to make it valuable and useful for end users. Participants will be able to pursue undergraduate projects and research in solar thermal systems design and analysis to use solar and thermal energy for secondary purposes. In lab session participants will be introduced how parabolic trough collector, thermal energy storage system and solar thermal simulator works.
10 Gyanalay Mr. Bharat Singh Chahar It is an initiative to enrich the quality of life of the students. It helps them to sharpen their personal as well as professional skills. It is based on the core principles of QI, QS, QE, SHARE WISDOM, PLACEMENT ORIENTED ACADAMICS and ETHICAL VALUES OF LIFE. 
11 Conditioning Mr. Manish Kr. Rawat Objective of the conditioning club is continous education of the club members, career guidance and encouragement for research in the field of heating, ventilation and air colditioning. The club help the club members in order to acquire the knowledge about the latest trends and innovations in the air conditioning by organizing technical presentation, workshop and industrial visits. 
12 Skill Mr. Bharat Singh Objective of this club is organisation of different academic and Non academic activities in collaboration with PPDC  MSME Agra (Govt of India).The club help the students in order to acquire the basic knowledge of science and Technologies hosted by MSME PPDC Agra and also encourage the students to participate project based learning in collaboration with PPDC MSME.
13 Science Club  

Dr. Monika Goyal

Dr. Benoy Kumar Singh

It is to inform that Science Club  has been started by Department of Physics in Session 2017-18. The club activities held in  Room No. 208, AB-VII, IAH on every Saturday.

The students are given the topic on which they give oral / power point/Poster presentation for 15 minutes.


CHeMgLa: Chemistry Club 





Prof. D.K. Das



Dr. V. K. Vashistha

There are two sides to “Chemistry” On the one hand, it refers to the freedom to explore and experiment, to mix and match elements in just the right way to achieve the desired effect—a connection between a brand and its audience that’s personal and emotional. On the other hand, chemistry is about relationships. Successful relationships are the foundation of every part of our business, from the way we treat our staff, to our unique method of collaborating with clients, to respect our work shows for consumers. 

Key Features of the club

  • The club aims to promote chemistry as a subject and bring awareness about the everyday applications of chemical science in engineering and its various branches.
  • The main aim of the group is to remove the perception of chemistry as a boring subject and a subject that people only study because they are forced to.
  • The group aims to get the students interested in chemistry through various events and activities. The group aims at developing the interest of the students in this subject so more children pursue this subject in the future and help develop this beautiful subject!
  • The club will participate in a number of events and service projects every year, which includes the safe trick-or-treat and performing scientific demonstrations for younger graduates.
  • The club will participate in many activities, including outreach to the community, professional engagements, service to the university, and fundraising.
  • In an effort to attract young people to science in various disciplines, the chemistry club will host annual magic shows for grade school and middle school students. These shows are a great source of entertainment and education for students, and allow them to experience the “explosive” side of chemistry!
  • Chemistry Club hopes to bridge the gap between the Chemistry and Engineering community by holding chemistry lectures and demonstrations open to everyone.

Major activities can be done:

  • Movie screenings, Sponsoring recycled art competitions, Field trips, Community chemistry demonstrations to get elementary school children interested in chemistry early in their education, Bringing speakers to campus in conjunction with other clubs.
 15  Math’s Club   Dr. Archana Dixit  The  of the department plays an important role in forming interactions between faculty and students, and generating interest in Mathematics.  It is attended byall that have an interest in Mathematics. This Mathematics Club unifies a broad group of students who encourage intellectual growth and promote mathematical awareness on campus and to the community. This club provides a social and intellectual environment to all students interested in Mathematics and also engage in extra- curricular mathematical related activities.

 The club sponsors several events throughout the year, creating activities, learning enhancements, and recognition for all levels and branches of Mathematics. Math’s Club is not just about maths! All majors/minors are welcome to join at any point throughout the year. Math’s Club provides students with an opportunity to show their hidden talent. This club is about having fun and is always open to new ideas and opportunities.


To encourage and support the study of Mathematics, research, and personality development and also provide a mathematical background for all students that is appropriate to their needs.    


The Math’s club regularly organizes various club activities such as Model presentation, Mathematical quiz, Paper presentation, Aptitude test and Beautiful mind. It organizes workshops, guest lectures etc.  All the students actively participate in the competitions.

 16  Poetry Club  Dr Ravi Prakash Dubey   

Since times immemorial, humans have always aspired to express their emotions, feelings, thoughts and the jigsaw puzzles taking place inside their brain through words. But sometimes words merely are not enough to express them. Various aspects of life are left unsaid, unheard and unrevealed. These aspects are the mirrors of one’s personality. Poetry occurs with the dichotomy of the poet and his muse; there is always a poet, ek kavi, ek shayar in all of us and there strolls his/her inspiration alongside. We have felt the depths of love, the pains of heartbreaks, the pangs of separation, the angst of isolation. Nothing like poetry captures these fleeting moments of intensity.

 The individual chaos going inside us are needed to be expressed and one such platform to express it is the Poetry Clubof GLA University.

The Club started in 2015-16 under the mentorship of Mr. Sandeep Debnath. The change of hands took place in 2016-17 and Dr. Ravi Prakash Dubey became the new mentor of the club. Since then, there has been no looking back and the club has scaled new heights. The objective of the club is to give life to the imagination of  people in and out of the campus.

The Events Held: The club has organised 16 Meets so far including the Grand World Poetry Day Celebration on 21st March 2017.

Members: The club is run by the students; Syed Saad Tirmizi is the Vice-President of the club and Mrityunjay Singh is the General Secretary of the Club. 

 17  Literario Club   Dr Mamta Bhatnagar  Expressing something is not easy for everybody but, everybody has to do this because all humans have something to express. With the same motive, the Department of English of G.L.A University introduced a Literature Club in the year 2015 named ‘Literario.’ This club is all about encouraging students to reveal themselves, their perceptions and emotions and to build confidence in their creative spirits. ‘Literario,’ the official literary club of GLAU provides platform to get in with the taste of literature. ‘Literario’ is just the right step that gives students stage that is all theirs. It works to invoke the diction of participation and team spirit and gets into the zeal of making its members ready to face the world in terms of communication.

‘Literario’ brings in activities and challenges such as Director’s cut, Instantania, Debates, Discussion Fiesta, Declamation, Quizzes, etc that brush up the literary skills of an individual from the grass root level. ‘Literario’ also works upon inviting various renowned guest speakers from various fields who share inspirational stories, experiences and talks.

 To foster and uphold the great literary and cultural background as well as to portray the immense profoundness of literature Brij actually holds, ‘Literario’ organizes ‘Brij Literature Festival’ (BLF) - the first ever Literature Festival in the birth place of Lord Krishna -embodying a rich heritage and a great literary history. BLF is a beautiful initiative in the form of two day celebration to promote and preserve the rich heritage of Brij and that of the nation organizing events like – Literary Talks, Workshops, Film Screening, Book Fair, Cultural Evening,  Kavi Sammelan, Story Telling and many more.

This club is now growing towards betterment with its every meet .It has a strong committee of student executive members belonging to various courses and year.  Literario is truly a club of the students, by the students and for the students.

18 Saturangle Club Dr Divya Gupta  The club started this year in the month of January under the mentorship of Mr. Ravi Prakash Dubey and later the charge of the club was taken over by Dr. Divya Gupta.

This club was earlier called the Wedsenate Club, as we used to conduct our sessions on Wednesday but now it is called Saturangle, as now we meet on Saturdays and put forth our opinions.

Most of the responsibilities are handled by the students and this inculcates a sense of leadership among them. This club is now growing towards betterment with its every meet .It has a strong committee of executive members of around 15 students belonging to various courses and year.  

 Debating is a fun activity akin to a game in which we examine ideas and policies with the aim of persuading people within an organized structure. It allows us to consider the world around us by thinking about different arguments, engaging with opposing views and speaking strategically. Our club serves this purpose very well.

  So far the club has debated on many topics and some of them are as follows: -

  • Are We Becoming Hyper nationalist ?
  • Who Is Responsible for Child Labour?
  • Ban on Jalikattu is Justified
  • Freedom of Speech
  • Should Euthanasia be Legalized?
  • Is Preaching Generating Faith or Reason?
  • Is Technology Generating Procrastinators?
  • Using Men-Shield by Soldiers Is Just Or Not
  • Trump’s Executive Order On Immigration is Justified Or Not

 Our Mega Session Of Youth Parliament Was A Huge Success And Was Appreciated By Everyone.

Our objective is to inculcate a sense of debating sense among students so that they can put forth their opinions confidently and face this fast paced world.

19 Nature Club  Dr shiva Durga   
20 Fine ART Club Dr. Shiv Durga

BRIJ TULIKA –GLA Gallery of Modern Art         

Our Motto:  Our club is dedicated to inspire in our GLA students an understanding and appreciation of the art world and help them to make responsible decision to preserve and bring reverse mechanism of ancient art to the modern world. 

Our mission is to stop the degradation of the ancient art and to build a future in which human beings identify and appreciate the imagination of great artists. The Visual Art has created aesthetic and intellectual purposes and it is judged for its beauty and meaningfulness. Our Fine Arts Club encourages individual creativity while giving a solid grounding in the practical and the aesthetic aspects of art.


  •  To preserve the Indian heritage in the field of art.
  • To bring out the reverse Mechanism of ancient Indian Art to the modern world.
  • To bring out the beauty of Brij Culture and preserve and promote our Indian Art.
  • To encourage the younger generation to have love for art to bring out the inherent talents in them to lead a life of meaningfulness and creativity.


There is  a  lot of Adventure, great fun, Color Therapy, Still life Painting, Portrait Painting, Landscape/Cityscape Painting, Abstract and Interpretation, Organic Art, Art Business, Sculpture, National/International Exhibitions, Declamation, Publication, Competitions in Art like: on the spot drawing and painting and slogan writing ,  giving messages about Art, Visits to Places of ancient and modern Art; Color Therapy Centers; Art study trips, Inter-collegiate competitions, etc., etc., and still more to bring out the inherent  talents of our students. Art being a vast subject any one can explore and bring out his/her innovative ideas to help humanity. Let us preserve our Indian Art.


Our Fine Arts Club encourages individual creativity while giving a solid grounding in the practical and the aesthetic aspects of art. This club is functional from 2013 as Dr. Shiva Durga, the President of the club. Mrs. Manisha Goswami is the Vice President and Dr. Supriya Jain is the Staff Co-ordinator.  Anamika Singh IV ME, Yash III CS, Adharsh III EE , Shakshi III CS Romit IIICS, Anupama III CS and Vikrant I Bio are the student coordinators. At present around 500 students from all Institutes of our GLA are actively participating in it. Our club is opened on Sundays too to cater to the need of our Hostel students. Around 25 excellent artistsare there from various Departments. Paintings on canvass are being made. And our walls are decorated with the finished products. When the hall is filled with paintings we would like to conduct exhibitions. We have given chances to our artists (as per their demands) to have sand paintings in front of our club on the outer area.

21 Hardware club: Gizmo

Mr. Anjan Kumar

Mr. Shelesh Krishna Saraswat

GIZMO is a Hardware club .It aims at bringing out the "technologically best" in students.

The chief aim of the club is to bring the students out of their syllabi bound shells and to expose them to challenges awaiting  them in the field of circuit design and hardware analysis.

 22 Software Club : CODE-E-PHOBIA  

Mr. Diwakar Agrawal

Mr. Divesh Kumar

CODE-E-PHOBIA is a Software Club. Its objective is a custom software and solution development consultancy.

The coding club runs as a professional learning tool where innovations in the technological world.

The club is focusing on main three things: Awareness, Opportunity and Discovery.

 23 Quiz Club: Mind Bogglers

Mr. Dhiraj

Mr. Devendra

Mind Bogglers is a quiz club which is to encourage the students to look beyond the textual knowledge.

Its aim to promote fun way learning and improves ones general knowledge.

It promotes a healthy debate amongst participants in order to learn from each other. 

 24  Social Club : Unnati  

Mr. Asheesh

Miss Shweta

 Unnati is a social club. Unnati means Progress, this club will help the students for the progress of there different skills. 

To assist students with like interests and talents to become better acquainted. 

To afford students the opportunity to carry classroom experiences over into the co curricular life of the campus

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