About The Institute

One of the Finest

The Institute of Applied Science & Humanities has been one of the prestigious institutions in this region imparting undergraduate education in the fields of management, computer applications and biotechnology.

Quality Education

The institute stands tall in the campus of GLAUniversity with its own infrastructure and amenities which act as a hallmark for its name. The institute has been an answer to those seeking quality education in these fields with an uncompromising attitude towards hard work and valuable inputs.

Exemplary Results

The institute has been achieving one of the best results in these courses in the region and has consolidated its position as the leader in all the three courses. In fact the results of other institutions have been no match to that achieved by it.

Complete Education

In addition to possessing such academic excellence and unwavering commitment towards first-class education the institute enables the students to supplement their educational requirements with quest for brilliance in other fields of student’s life such as extra-curricular activities and sports events.

Focused & Innovative

The institute aims at grooming students in such a way that they are employment-ready from day one. The objective of the institute is to shape up as a one-stop destination for all those who are seeking pragmatic education in the above said fields of education.

State-of-the-art Facilities

The institute boasts of some of the best facilities and amenities in the region. The computer labs, laboratories, library facility, air conditioned lecture theaters, updated facilities such as audio visual aids, are some of the highlights of the institute.

Pioneers in Training & Placement @ Undergraduate

It was from the Institute of Applied Science & Humanities that others came to think about placement at the undergraduate levels apart from the engineering and technology fields. The students of the institute have been able to get placements in companies of repute in the past and the trend has been going northwards every year. The students have also got the opportunity to pursue their summer training and industry projects from organizations of repute.

Multi-tasking Redefined

Also, the students of the institute have been at the forefront in proving their mettle in a gamut of activities apart from the academics.

Practical Outlook

At the institute the emphasis is as much on the practical aspect of education as it is on its theoretical perspective. It is well understood here that a hands-on approach towards education makes the students better prepared to face the challenges of the work environment.

Proactive Initiatives

It is for this precise reason that art and science of management & technology are seamlessly interwoven with highly-engaging and proactive student initiatives which enhance their participation in the collaborative learning process making them stand apart from the crowd. Students are provided with the space they need to grow as individuals.

360-degree Approach

The students take an active participation in activities such as a Group Discussions, Case Study Presentations, Mock Interviews, etc.

Events Galore

The institute has been organizing a host of events and happenings year after years. Prominent among them has been Jhoom IPS, Nach Le Ve, Rangoli Competition, Poster Exhibition, Awareness Week, Farewells. Apart from all this, the students of the institute have been actively participating in the various activities as organized by the University from time to time.

Physical Fitness Counts

The institute has got facilities in the various fields of sports. It has been providing sports activities related amenities for the varied sports, both outdoors and indoors.

Industry-ready Inputs

The institute has been providing students with such initiatives as can be helpful in making them ready for the future challenges. In this direction many steps have been taken prominent among them being tie up with ICICI bank for banking-related knowledge dissemination.

Young and Dynamic Faculty Members

The faculty members of the institute are indeed one of the youngest in the University. They find it easy to connect with the mindset of the students and make them oriented in the right direction.

Teaching Methodology

The teaching pedagogy as followed at the institute is a judicious blend of traditional and modern methods of learning process.

All the faculty members use chalk-and-blackboard as well modern teaching aids like LCDs, OHPs, AV equipment.

All the courses are taught keeping in mind their relevance to industry requirements and how they can be fulfilled within the confines of the classroom as well as beyond it through industrial visits, guest lectures.

The faculty and students share a mentor-mentee relation wherein the faculty acts as a mentor to the students thereby helping them to overcome various situations, professional or otherwise.

All the faculty members try to incorporate live cases, suitable examples, and other innovative teaching tools.

Once in a while there are such sessions which help the students to emanate their thoughts on the teaching methodology adopted by the faculty members.

Moreover, the feedback of such sessions are shared with the concerned faculty.

Students can approach the faculty members outside the classroom for doubt clearing sessions.

Then there are tutorial sessions where the students who need extra attention are treated accordingly.

Students of the management programme get an opportunity to be a part of the ICICI e-learning initiative wherein they come

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